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Hi, I am Joca. Here is some stuff I make. Sometimes I post snapshots here, but more often I write short stories over here.

Season 2

The producers of XPUB signed a contract for a new season! New episodes will be released throughout 2018 and 2019. The series will end with something big, so says one of the screen writers. Piet Zwart Media Design is proud to release the new season with a libre license. As a teaser some shots from the Graduate_Seminar_2018-2019 were released to the public.


Trimester 4 & 5

Project Proposal/Thesis outline/First Chapter ▶️

At this stage, super dynamic documents. Check daily for new updates!

Synopses ▶️

My Zotero library grows faster than I can write synopses

Prototypes/Gestures/Sketches ▶️

Try-outs in scraping and recontextualizing content

Season 1 (Trimester 1,2,3)

S1T1 ▶️

Special Issue #4, DDW and mysterious encounters in the Terminal. Joca moves to Rotterdam, but what about his dodgy house?

S1T2 ▶️

Special Issue #5, New perspectives on librarians and frustrations about open-source hardware (do you have the manual of the bookscanner?)

S1T3 ▶️

Special Issue #6, piracy as culture, autocomplete that escalates. Lots of things change, does Joca find a nice house in the end?