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NOTE: This is not XPUB class page, this is Chae's work log. ʕʘ‿ʘʔ

I made this notebook last semester during the B/B workshop by Gersande. It's my notebook for this semester


Shortcut / Final Project


week 1

online class (Tuesday 11 January 2022), what kind of games did you play?

week 2

Defining play and games / Gamification

During a class with Lidia, Manetta and Michael (Tuesday 18 January 2022), first, we talked about Rules of Play - Game Design Fundamentals by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, and then Taylorism 2.0: Gamification, scientific management and the capitalist appropriation of play by Jennifer Dewinter, Carly A. Kocurek and Randall Nichols in the afternoon.

Discussion on Defining play and game with Kamo:
we liked some of the concepts Chris Crawford -> safety
Safety: Conflict implies danger; danger means risk of harm; harm is undesirable. Therefore, a game is an artifice for providing the psychological experiences of conflict and danger while excluding their physical realizations. In short, a game is a safe way to experience reality. More accurately, the results of a game are always less harsh than the situations the game models.
=> This might be controversial cuz in Korea some ppl are against games cus they encourage violent action, but at the same time ppl also argue that games work as an outlet to release stress and oppressed feeling
and conflict
Conflict: A third element appearing in all games is conflict. Conflict arises naturally from the interaction in a game. The player is actively pursuing some goal. Obstacles prevent him from easily achieving this goal. Conflict is an intrinsic element of all games. It can be direct or indirect, violent or nonviolent, but it is always present in every game.
=> and the fact of not being a definition but rather some properties)
quantifiable outcome-> this was also interesting because, in reality, it is difficult to quantify your experience
the performative side/interactive side of game-> you need a player!
still very difficult to differentiate the definition of playing the game vs. the gameplay seems to be a more loose form of activity that sometimes can slip into game
a toy and a game and a play : a toy may be a tangible object that offers playability. (a more physical form of the game?)

Noise Cancelling Headphone

During the class with Steve (Wednesday 19 January 2022), we divided into small groups and read objects as objects of ideology. Erica, Mitsa, Kamo and I chose Noise Cancelling headphones.

Highlights on Reading,
Gamification as twenty-first-century ideology by Mathias Fuchs: a gift part (need to be filled)
Taylorism 2.0: Gamification, scientific management and the capitalist appropriation of play, by Jennifer Dewinter, Carly A. Kocurek and Randall Nichols: this study argues, the agency of individuals -- whether worker or player -- becomes subject to the rationalized nature of production. This rationalization changes the nature of play, making a duty rather than a choice, a routine rather than a process of exploration.

week 3

Reading Well Played

Well Played by Vicky Osterweil, Games as reproductive technologies (Tuesday 25 January 2022)

Some highlights:
In 2014, the video game industry was making more money annually than the film and music industries combined. And while games have played a crucial role in driving mass adoption and affection for phones and techno-culture more generally, they have also superseded cinema and TV to be the dominant visual medium of our time. Given video games’ newly taken for granted prominence, it’s imperative to analyze how they fit into the mainstream of contemporary economic practices and ideology.(...)Why have video games emerged in this moment, growing as the earlier visual media forms have stagnated, losing audiences and drifting toward the margins of culture? What has the medium’s material role been under capitalism? How has it reflected or shaped the specific ways capitalism has developed since 1973, when the series of crises that would lead to the neoliberal era began?

player to payer with Kimberley, Jian and Miriam

A Cabinet for Interesting Stuffs

week 4

Karaoke/Gaming can make a better world

making karaoke lyrics and visual with Alex, Erica, Mitsa and Kamo, presented the first draft during the class (Tuesday 1 Feburary 2022)

Final Lyrics for Karaoke (Wednessday 16 March 2022)
Title: Can Gaming Make A Better World?
Let's get straight into it!
- I wake up early every day to be the best - Don't close the mac cuz there's no need for me to rest - My job is like a game that's why I feel so blessed - Oh, a, oh - They took the fun out of my creativity (BUT) - I'm responsible for my stability (AND) - My mentor said 'Self-motivation is the key!' - 20 points - I did a good job! - 50 points - I did a better job!
- Gaming could make a promising world - Gaming should make a fulfilling world - Gamify your entire day - Oh-a-a-a oh
- Waiting the host to let me enter the zoom call - Checking my emails while I'm having healthy lunch - My job is like a game but why I feel so stressed - Oh-a oh-a - Is this my leisure time? - Oh-a oh-a - Is this my working time?
- Gaming could make a healthier world - Gaming should make a happier world - Manage life through all your apps - Get some rest and back to work
- Oh-a-aho oh x2
- Gaming could make an easier world - Gaming should make a better world
- If you fail then don't complain - Try your best and play the game - Life is better when you may - gamify all the way - Can't go on anymore x2
- Gaming can't make a promising world - Gaming can't make a healthier world - Gaming can't make a happier world - Gaming can't make an easier world - Gaming can't make a better world
- Gaming can't make a fulfilling world - Gaming can't make a healthier world - Gaming can't make a happier world - Gaming can't make an easier world - Gaming can't make a better world

Into The New World by Girls' Generation

+ (Ewha women's university students singing "Into the New World" during a demonstration in 2016)
+ ("What Drove the Ewha students to streets?", The Korea Herald)
+ (Girls' Generation/SNSD (소녀시대) - 다시 만난 세계 (Into The New World) Color Coded Lyrics [Rom/Han/Eng])

Individual session with Lidia, Manetta and Michael

Notes: Cuteness, how cuteness is manipulating workers and being used to further blurry lines between leisure and work, but also as cuteness as a clap back to the hegemony.
Karaoke could be an interesting format to work with 
Noise-cancelling headphones 
(interested in bitsy game / sound possibilities? mosi ? (lidia: pixsy for bitmaps)
Lootbox: if we sell it, how can we make a critical point? what to do with the act of selling the loot boxes? not doing charity, artists need to support themselves. it will be an interesting journey.
Resists putting a price on her own artistic practice; so a challenge thinking about lootbox; how to make something that people can engage with at a low cost / reproducable. Once made an "anti-box" advertising as if many things inside, it's very expensive to produce an empty box. People called with complaints about the box being empty.
Still wants to read (the big names ;) Foucault or Marx. Collective reading takes time.Needs time for digestion, enjoys the time for reading; but hard still to keep up/feel that she's not able to fully read all.
Prototyping? Wants to explore electronics / last trimesters cocktail generator was a concrete example, simple code + physical form. Lots of issues though / needing help from Poni / would be nice to spend more time working with the raspi / Arduino ... develop a basis on which she can explore more independently. Open a box, voice welcoming the buyer (an idea with Gersande from last trimester) interested to pursue this. Start from a simple idea and be able to elaborate.

Glossary of Productive Play

During the class with Steve (Wednesday 2 Feburary 2022)

I'm interested in the following words:

Word Definition In readings Notes
Gift A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. An item is not a gift if that item is already owned by the one to whom it is given. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free. In many countries, the act of mutually exchanging money, goods, etc. may sustain social relations and contribute to social cohesion. Economists have elaborated the economics of gift-giving into the notion of a gift economy. By extension, the term gift can refer to any item or act of service that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favor, including forgiveness and kindness. Gifts are also first and foremost presented on occasions such as birthdays and holidays. [Wikipedia] A gamified work process, a gamified consumer service, or a gamified learning experience will always try to keep the customer accumulating points, badges or money. In regard to the gifts offered by gamification apps, there is also a substantial differ- ence to freely giving away (in the sense of Mauss and Bataille) on one hand and the pointsification-oriented incentives on the other hand. Bonuses and badges handed out to increase customer loyalty are the opposite of generous gifts. If gifts, as they are given in environments like Farmville (Zynga 2009), SuperBetter (McGonigal 2012c) or the Starbucks App (Starbucks Coffee Company 2014), only serve to increase the profits of some and the exploita- tion of others, then they are far from sovereign praxis. (...) A gift in a gamification context is never ‘le don’ as Mauss conceived it ([1923/1924] 1954). The gamified Homo Ludens is just an advancement of the homo economicus. The former might have a smile on his face, but the smile is a sarcastic one. Mauss’ gift and even more so Bataille’s excessive gift held a promise for the possibility to escape the cage of traditional economic reasoning. Bataille was hoping for a Copernican revolution that turns an economy of scarcity into one of excess: ‘[c]hanging from the perspectives of restrictive economy to those of general economy actually accomplishes a Copernican transformation: a reversal of thinking – and of ethics’ (1991: 25). Bataille identifies the gift, excessive play and sexuality as areas where his ‘general economy’ can already be observed nowadays. The French philosopher thinks of playing games in the wider sense as a nucleus of emancipation." from Gamification as 21st century ideology by Mathias Fuchs ] I was fascinated by the concept of gift as a way of creating community outside of capitalist society. As a person who loves to make and give a small gift to cared one occasionally and who is interested in a power of cuteness creating an emotional affect there is something super interesting to me.. Cannot really put into words atm, but I want to dig deeper.
Reciprocity 1. In cultural anthropology, reciprocity refers to the non-market exchange of goods or labour ranging from direct barter (immediate exchange) to forms of gift exchange where a return is eventually expected (delayed exchange) as in the exchange of birthday gifts. It is thus distinct from the true gift, where no return is expected. When the exchange is immediate, as in barter, it does not create a social relationship. When the exchange is delayed, it creates both a relationship as well as an obligation for a return (i.e. debt). Hence, some forms of reciprocity can establish hierarchy if the debt is not repaid. The failure to make a return may end a relationship between equals. (...) Some forms of reciprocity are thus closely related to redistribution, where goods and services are collected by a central figure for eventual distribution to followers. [Wikipedia] Example ---
Rhythm - a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound - the systematic arrangement of musical sounds, principally according to duration and periodic stress - a particular type of pattern formed by rhythm. Example Supi and Kimberley worked on the definition of Tempo vs Rhythm. These two stuck in my mind. Internal time and external time. copy-pasted from the pad Tempo and rhythm can be seen as two types of temporalities: one being external, mechanical and the other one internal, sensitive.
Tempo ˈtempē | )1 Music the speed at which a passage of music is or should be played. 2 the rate or speed of motion or activity; pace Example Supi and Kimberley worked on the definition of Tempo vs Rhythm. These two stuck in my mind, the internal time and external time / copy-pasted from the pad:

ref: (1) (2): Simone Weil (untranslated: :a condition ouvriere) (6)Audre Lorde "Poetry is not a luxury" "Notes on Deconstructing 'The Popular'" by Stuart Hall (3) "The Order of Time" - Carlo Rovelli (I love his book) (4) "Spectres II: Resonances" - Shelter Press 'Modern times', charlie Chaplin: (5) "Stockhausen Serves Imperialism" - Cornelius Cardew (7) Audre Lord in 'Uses of the erotic' (8) "Rowboat Phenomenology" - Angela Sakrison

Temporality --- --- ---
--- --- --- ---

A Cabinet for Interesting Stuffs

week 5

Making puzzles and mazes

!!!!!first prototpying class (Monday 7 February 2022) for the 2nd trimester!!!!

WereWolf/Mafia Game

Notes for ideologies behind the WereWold/Mafia Game with Kim
Well, we lost our note. But WereWolf game, mafia game is basically the witch-hunting. 
Based on the discussion we had, Kim and I wanted to write a fan-fiction that subvert this black and white ideology of this village.
To do so, we agreed to, first, build a world that is more complex, more dimensional. This leads to a fictitious world-building exercise, Miller's Hollow. 
In the end, this exercise led to Fage Not Pound and playing with WIKI format and grammer.

Writing fanfiction of Werewolf game(Mafia game) during class (Tuesday 8 February 2022), with Kimberley and Supi, Miller's Hollow (result)

Experimental Kitchen

Kimberley and I proposed 1) an overall timeline for SI17 and 2) a role-playing game to instigate different group dynamics. It was quite different and fun.

"Welcome to the Experimental Kitchen role play. Each of you will be randomly attributed a role that you will embody until it is revealed, at end of this session.
At the beginning, the discussion will be facilitated by a script and evolve towards a 'free form' discussion towards the end. In the scripted part, each character is invited to type at an allocated moment. During the free form part, characters can converse whenever they want but keeping in mind the constraint imposed by their roles!
The aim of this role play session is to stir a different group dynamic than the one we tend to get used to. It also allows to get acquainted with certain social role than one might not be used to outside of this game."

Roles and specificities

The Table:
Always has to be the first to say something;
Can't ask question;
Super confident in their ideas ;
Always has an opinion on every topic being discussed.

The Toothpick:
Exclusively expressing themselves in short and precise sentences;
Obsessed with pasting definition at any occasion;
Clarifies key-words and ambiguous words.

The Olive Oil:
Keeps track of all the topics and makes sure they are all mentioned;
Has to make sure everyone's voice (esp. Tea Cup) is being heard;
Love making lists

The Bread Knife:
Exclusively starts a debate with a negative sentence (eg. using 'no', 'not', 'do not', etc.);
Doubtful player, wants to create a debate;
Always look for the weakest point of an idea.

The Honey Pot:
Will mostly be in interaction with Bread Knife: Based on BK's doubts, Honey Pot will try to reach compromise;
Always has to start their sentence by agreeing followed by an alternative (eg: "Yes, but...")
Can find help by teaming up with Sea Salt;
Optimistic and arranging.

The Tea Cup:
Only talks when Olive Oil gives them a chance to do so;
(Always write sentences in parentheses);
Introvert but big thinker;
Focus on lesser topics but with more depth, can support or be supported by Toothpick.

The Whisk:
Can only participate with interrogative sentences (meaning, only asking questions);
Never too assertive;
Will mostly address the Table (but cant intervene at any time too).

The Jug:
Has the power to highlight one other character's idea: The Jug will pick a character and will exclusively exchange with them in order to trigger those ideas to a further development;
Rephrase important ideas when they are unclear; seek for potential in someone's idea.

The Sea Salt:
Always open by a sentence starting with "Let's" (eg: "Let's not forget we only have two weeks!...");
Offers concrete and simple alternative when the group/conversation is stuck;
Realistic, pragmatic and sassy;
Can remind the group when something is off topic, when the conversation is too long or repetitive.

The Pepper Mill:
Will build on the Sea Salt idea to make it more complete;
Can only express by stating the 'pro's' and 'con's' of each idea.
Analytical, sharp, clear when they express.

PNF Lecture Series, Paolo Pedercini

notes: need to fill in

week 6

collaboration Tools

Prototyping class with Manetta (Monday 14 Feburary 2022)

Note: need to fill in

Reading PWNing Leisure by Shira Chess

Notes: need to fill in

History of Lootbox / What is Loot Box?

Characteristics of the loot box
cost (you pay for it) exclusivity (time frame to obtain it) collectionable (you can have more) surprise mechanism further additional investment creates a certain final fantasy/desire gambling? (investment will not probably come back, anticipation) exploitative addictiveness reward
from pad:

Writing exercise with Steve (Wednesday 16 February 2022)
It was tough. But also I had some ah-ha moments. +We played jigsaw puzzles after class and it was all good. The power of the Jigsaw puzzle..!!

A Cabinet for Interesting Stuffs

week 7 (study week)

Group Meeting #3 (facilitators Miri and Gersande) / Ceramic Session/ Riso-X-Periment / 2022.02.22. 22:22 Taro Reading / PNF Lecture Series, Shira Chess / Making prototypes (Puzzle and box for cocktail generator with Erica and Jian) / Trip to Kinderdijk Windmills/ Trip to Den Hague with Nami

meeting no.3 proposal

button laser cute puzzle-before prototype for the jigsaw puzzle aftermixing

week 8 (spring holiday)

Group Meeting #4 (Facilitators Supi and Emm) it was a tough one / Visiting Plexiglass Manufacturer / Signing up for Team 3 / Beautiful work by Emm, Gersande and Mitsa / XPUB1 Portfolio Day part 1

week 9

Fage Not Pound (Team #3, Kimberley, Emma, and Miriam)


Manetta showed us some tools for web-to-print This could be a perfect tool for building a parallel library for ETC Portal to Contamination!

Cory Arcangel

Feedback Session with Cory, and some updates/ check-in with Michael and PNF

Notes on Time related thoughts (excerpts from my journal):
네덜란드에 온 지 거의 200일. 이번 학기 Productive Play를 explore하면서, 시간에 대해 여전히 조급한 태도를 갖고 있는 나를 발견한다. 특히 뭔가를 만들어야되고, 데드라인이 있고, 여러 사람이 involve될 때, 다양한 시간에 대한 태도들이 겹쳐지는 상황일 때, 더욱 힘들어하는 나의 모습을 발견한다. 기관의 데드라인을 나의 개인적 시간보다 우선시하는 모습, external time, tempo를 internal rhythm보다 우선시하는 모습을 발견한다. (...) 시간에 대한 태도를 unlearning하기. 다시 시간과 친해지기. (...) 간만에 한국에서 오랫동안 벗어나 생활하다 다시 한국에서 잠시 지내고 있는 친구과 통화하면서, 한국에서의 시간에 대한 태도. 개개인의 고유한 리듬을 지키는 것이 너무나도 어려웠던 환경을 다시금 기억해냈다. 1년, 한달, 2주, 짧은 단위로 숨가쁘게 달려나가는 한국에서의 미술씬. (...) 뭔가를 디벨롭하는데 얼마나 오랜 시간의 응축이 필요한가. 그렇게 누군가가 응축한 시간을 가벼히 여기는 태도들. 그 디벨롭한 결과만을 주목하며, 그것을 취하는데 거리낌없는 태도. 응축된 시간에 대한 respect가 있다면 과연 그리 쉽게 take 취할 수 있는가? '어, 내가 그거 취해서 더 잘 만들어내면 됨'이라는 태도. '결국 누가 더 잘 만들어내는지가 중요하고 그것을 잘 만들어낸 사람이 결국 기억되는거야'라는 말에 들어있는 문제의 핵심. 짧은 호흡, 숨가쁘게 몰아치는 external tempo가 너무나 강력해서 그것에 internal rhythm을 맞춰나갈 수 밖에 없고, 그것에 맞추지 못하면 낙오되는 것처럼 여겨지는 시스템 아래에서 개인의 리듬은 얼마나 우습게 들릴 수 있는가.
Jamming/Tuning: external tempo와 internal rhythm의 관계가 jamming처럼 될 수 있는가? external tempo (종종 deadline, due-date로 대표되는 time limit)가 나빠 좋아 라는 식의 태도보단, 그것이 어떻게 각각 internal rhythm들과 조화를 이룰 수 있는가? jamming을 할 때 메인 템포와 각각의 element들이 서로 끊임없이 조정해나가며 하나의 하모니를 이루어나가는 경험. ideally, external tempo는 결국 internal rhythm들의 meeting point인건가?

A Cabinet for Interesting Stuffs

week 10

Content Editorial Moment

(Monday 14 March 2022)

Editorial Support from Lidia

(Tuesday 15 March 2022)


To rehearse and as a part of our XPUB1 ritual, we are having a pre-launch. (Wednesday 16 March 2022)

Lists of Things we need to check:
# what kind of furniture is available? How many? # How many beamers? # Spatial setup # lightings (check black lights with plexiglass) # accurate floor plan for PNF #

Finalized Karaoke

Click here

A Cabinet for Interesting Stuffs

(Nice reminder as well, just have fun and enjoy the process)

week 11

Learning from your mistakes/Plotting

  • Press 'origin' for 10 sec. Then it will reset the origin. => THIS IS THE CRUCIAL PART!!!
  • Do not plot something more than 2 M... (Like a loooooooong line) It is very hard to do.
  • Make your file no bigger than 550mm (width) Because of the wheels on both sides, make your file max. 550mm.
  • If you want to cancel, press pause and then press enter for 5 seconds
  • Do test cut! Press test for 5 seconds
  • Prepare your file verticle (Again max width 550mm)
  • Click set to the origin

Tips for laser cut

  • If you wish to cut in full size, (ex. 400m*400mm x 2 out of 450*800mm plexiglass sheet) set the file on 0.0 (X or Y) and put your material 3mm off the 0.

Launch 25 March 2022

Finished the visual for the karaoke

Reflection on SI17

SI17 Reflection Diary



Meeting Pads

Sub Group / Team #3

Station Skills

Ceramic Station

Making cups, more cups!!! Also making flowerpots as well.

making chunky mug for moi cup-more-cup

Research Station

  • Tagging Topics (by Harma Staal) with Alex
  • Working with Questions (by Miriam Rasch)
  • Research Blog #documenting research (by Harma Staal)
  • Writing as reflection, writing as practice (by Miriam Rasch) with Alex and Emm

Crash Course in Typography

online and offline courses, with Emm and Alex. I learned that typography is not my thing.

Build your own tempeh incubator

very excited about this one.

For Fun ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Wood panel board for XPUB studio

Alex, Erica, Kamo and I went to the WDKA wood station and made this wood panel for our studio.

woodpanel for xpub woodworkshop-process Woodworkshop-result

Proposal for SI 17 (with Kimberley)

Filling out Material page

Cocktail Generator for Aymeric's Goodbye Party (with Jian)

Jian did an amazing job of making the most of the coding part(and fixing the receipt printer) and documenting the project in detail. So check out her wiki page.

cocktail generator 2.0 (15-02-2022)
Future To-Do list for this project
1. make the button lit
we need to find a way to get more power (12V)
2. make the case for the button
3. find an excuse to activate this cocktail generator
4. make it more stable

Riso-X-periment (with Euna and Nami)

Every week, Nami, Euna and I agreed to make something with Riso printing! Very excited.

no.1 riso-x-periment riso experiment with nami and euna week3-riso-x-periment-finding mamang