SI17 summaries of group meetings

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Facilitators of meeting: Kimberley, Chae



Chae and Kimberley prepared the role play game Experimental kitchen for us. Every one of us got a a random role attributed that we needed to embody during our group meeting. The goal of the meeting was to change group dynamics while still trying to find consent when discussing the SI17.

Things we discussed:

  • Keep the historic part shortly. Wouldn't it be better to read on our own and use the meetings to take actual decisions?
  • Implement methods for discussion and decision taking (maybe ask ref to Cristina/Manetta?)
  • We don't know yet how we will use the prototyping classes for SI17.
  • Purpose and use of meetings: Use the meeting as decision moments rather then production.
  • 2 facilitators/ meeting

Pay attention to: Have a clear idea about the principles of a loot box and how we want to change/intervene/disrupt its ideology ASAP

  • the need for research the history of loot boxes and to ask Steve to elaborate on this
  • When we have in our minds what a classic loot box is, we can think better strategies to subvert it.
  • The importance for good work distribution and everyone's well being
  • The importance on realistic goals because when we have too many good ideas on table we don't have time to finish them.
  • Let's discuss first ideas sooner of what message do we want to pass on; who is the audience and how can we present the project? Once we have a concept of it, we can elaborate on more prototypes of how it would look like. We need to have a clear idea of what a "classic" loot box is as soon as possible and then also bring concrete options of how we could interpret the principles of a loot box to subvert it?
  • Maybe we can also really ask to use the prototyping classes for production and at some point stop getting more input?

To action:

  • Formulate a demand to Steve for next wednesday's class (writing exercise to define the lootbox and what we want to subvert from it)
  • Pre-Launch Event @ PNF - 23rd WED (9:00-13:00) or 21st Mon (??:??-??:??)


Facilitators of meeting: Erica, Mitsa



Possible loot box scenarios:


scenario 1: the loot box is a physical box that contains something (f.e.: perfumed shiny coloured box, or jewelryb ox or like a gift or... )

scenario 2: The loot box is not a box but another object that contains something (it's a usb-key, a jar, a shrine ...)

scenario 3: The loot box is not a box but a physical object that points or redirects towards something else (f.e.: glasses you wear, something you already own, something you don't have, a gift card, an invitation to do something)


traditional loot box

scenario1 1: the loot box works as a traditional loot box, you buy it at the store and its contents are a critique about lootboxes, gamification, labour etc.

Accessibility scenario:

Scenario 2: The loot-box can be accessed (= opened or purchased) upon solving a quest (a puzzle?)

Scenario 3: The loot-box can be accessed with a key (password, physical key).

Scenario 4: The loot box can be accessed after following a set of instructions.

Scenario 5: The loot-box can be purchased under a set of conditions.

Community/audience building scenario:

Scenario 6: The purchase of the loot-box grants an access to a community. It is possible to chat/meet with other loot-box owners.

Scenario 7: The items in the loot-box are complementary and it is necessary to connect with other loot-box owners in order to assemble the pieces together.

Scenario 8: The purchase of a loot-box can only be made if it involves more than one individual.


collection of different games scenarios:

scenario 1: the loot box is a collection of well known games with uncommon rules

scenario 2: the loot box is a collection of the prototyped games we did so far curated in some kind of form (matrioska boxes, critical settimana enigmistica, onesentencegame etc)

scenario 3: the loot box is a collection of mini-games + an ultimate game that has to be performed with other players that purchased the LB

Variation on the same item scenarios:

scenario 4: the loot box contains a variation of something (cards, maps, mazes, fortune cookies, annotated texts, advices to gamificate your life) on the themes we have discussed so far

scenario 5: the loot box is the same game but every week the rules change (through online platform)

scenario 6: the loot box contains a series of jigsaw puzzles but their pieces are scattered through all the boxes and there is a platform online where you can see the missing tiles.

Single game scenarios:

scenario 7: the loot box is a karaoke with some instructions or added text-based material

scenario 8: the loot box is a RPG (with cards or masks) that allows players/payers to interact

scenario 9: the loot box is a usb stick with a modding program or a crack (also a crack for our game)

scenario 10: the loot box is a book (something between a D&D manual and the crosswords thing)


Facilitators of meeting: Miriam, Gersande



Dates set:

Pre-Launch: 16th (9.00 to 13.00) Installation: Monday 21 (9:00-13:00), Wednesday 23 (9:00-13:00) and of course Friday 25 (from 9:00 onward)


The loot box is one format. It has a modular shape and same size in order to be able to display it in various ways, together or alone. The design of all the box is the same, with variations in additional features (stickers, price tags, labels, or else).

To discuss/propose/prototype:

  • The size of the box
  • The shape of the box
  • The design (color/content) on the box
  • Additional features

Focus of the box: the surprise inside!

Features and public intentions:

  • Present traditional features of a loot box
  • Relatable games inside the box with socio-critical twist
  • Play with the public’s expectations
  • Loot box can be accessed/distributed within the context of certain conditions/instructions
  • Limited amount of LB purchased at once
  • Time challenge: instant vs. delayed gratification/reward
  • The loot box should give something not just take something
  • Subvert idea collectible by inserting meaningful contents in collectible items
  • Community building: the purchase of the loot box grants access to a community
  • Cannot be use alone
  • Online platform to chat
  • Online platform to share/archive game outcomes
  • Accentuate collectiveness through small production features
  • Continue to share your experiences with the loot box after purchasing it
  • Monetary value (prices) of the LB should have a twist to it
  • Different prices, same content
  • Balance single player/multi-player aspect of the LB



  • Use the material we gathered in class until now as core of the games
  • Physical game(s) or token(s) for online ones
  • Aware audience but don’t need to over-explain the critic> discussion with public? (PLACEBO/SOBER Lootbox) (program launch)

Two main currents

  • Multiple games (already prototyped/made in class or similar to them) curated in a more or less random way within one LB, needs to have some kind of common thread to attach them
  • Collection of mini-games
  • The “ultimate game”: a game within the game (connected to the community building)
  • See Chae’s proposal see image
  • One game or one kind of game declined in different variations in the LBs
  • Might offer less diversity but brings focus and consistency
  • Share outcomes and experience online (can also be done with multiple games)
  • See Kamo&Erica’s proposal:


  • Display made with identical Loot boxes
  • Appealing display
  • Emphasise surprise feature
  • The Launch is a game
  • Space for experiment, leisure, excitement
  • Play with the LB during the launch
  • Epic introduction where the Loot Boxes came from
  • Have public reflect/critic/question LB’s topics and mechanisms on their own
  • Discussions during the launch
  • Accentuate collectiveness of the LB
  • Publication fit to experienced and non-experienced public
  • Public should have agency over the LB
  • Scatter the “ultimate game” during launch

Aftermath and benefits

  • Line of conduct
  • The LB goes beyond the launch
  • What do we wanna do with the benefits made with the publication?
  • Produce more copies with earnings
  • Swap remaining copies

Yet to be discussed:

  • Price loot-box
  • Selling/buying restriction
  • Community (multiplayer game)

Updates and thoughts

(dump your ideas/additions/thoughts/fears here)


Facilitators of meeting: Emma, Supi



Decision making:

1.) Describe what/how you see the loot box

   1.) FORM: one item (+ small publication) or several items (ex: jigsaw, booklets, sticky notes, usb stick)
   2.) INTERACTION: physical + digital (online platform for community/collaboration)
   3.) TOPIC: a reflection of one topic but with different approaches/angles/learnings/POV

2.) Work distribution

   a.) Only the game inside
   b.) Only the box
   c.) Only the line of conduct/launch/narrative around the box

3.) Surface

   a.) One surface, one content
   b.) One surface, several contents
   c.) Multiple surfaces & contents


- forcing different types of content to work all together in one surface

- rigid form means you can only focus on making the visual image

- too many things interconnecting

- unbalanced workload

- production: time constraint - can we make so many different items?


- the surprise moment is based on the fact that we have different things

- fixed form = we can focus on the content

- the (drawing) is a gate to other games


- what does it mean to have one content?

- a game inside a game–is this a problem?

- what are we individually interested in bringing inside the box?

- what do we want to put inside the box? (see list of prototypes)

- what would make us happier?

Updates and thoughts

(dump your ideas/additions/thoughts/fears here)