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At the start of the year the XPUB1 students are introduced to the wiki.

The Wiki Tutorial should help the students get aquainted with working with the wiki. However there a few approaches, which students should be made aware of, namely:

  • Calendars:Networked_Media_Calendar: is where the planing of activities takes place and students should check them often. And staff writes events to calendar starting with "XPUB1" or "XPUB2" to make them easy visible
  • Students: Under the corresponding academic year students should add links to their User pages
  • Students pages: Students should try to keep their page conscripted to the their user page's, using subpages to do so, such as User:Bohye_Woo/Prototyping_04, User:Pedro_Sá_Couto/Black_Transparency_Experiments, etc
  • Links Helpdesk resources such as printers, Eduroam and archiving
  • Cookbook a page with technical and not only recipes
  • Prototyping keeps a log of Prototyping sessions
  • Important Links for First year students can be found in the Front Page:
Links for first year students
-----> xpub <-----

For Admin(staff)

Keeping the Main Page tidy in important. To do so:

  • When a new Special Issue starts move the Page from the previous special issue out of the Main Page and into Special_Issue

Special Issue Pages:

  • are Category pages with the name of the SI, ie Category:Post-Digital_Itch
  • the Category page holds the bulk of essential info
  • other pages "belonging" to that special issue should be have <nowiki></nowki> so that they show up at the end on the of the Category Page and hence are inherently aggregated.