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𝔓𝔬𝔰𝔱 𝔗𝔬𝔞𝔰𝔱
piet zwart instituut
master of media design

Year 2
////////////////////////////////////////// Post Toast/draft_project_proposal
Post Toast's Thesis Outline
Nodes - Alex Galloway
Off the Network - Ulises Ali Mejias
Paul Preciado Talk
Modernity at Large - Arjun Appadurai
Chris Salter - Alien Agency
Otolith Group - A long time between Suns
Zac Blas Radio SONIA Talk
Juan Downey - Radical Software
Magic and Machines
The Being of Replicants
//////////// to summarise still
Timothy Morton - Hyperobjects
Matt Fuller - MACBA Talk
Mitra Azar - MACBA Talk
Reprogramming Decisionism - Luciana Parisi
Rosi Braidotti - Becoming Posthuman

High Frequency Research

Writing Methods
////////////////////////////////////////// Term 1
what, how and why
Flusser v. Mcluhan
Claude Levi Strauss - Myth and Meaning
Steve Rushton - Masters of Reality
Hito Steyerl - Defense of the Poor Image
Erik Davis - Secret Earths
TJ Demos - Decolonizing Nature
First Paper - Final

////////////////////////////////////////// Term 2
Alex Head - Here Comes Trouble - Art, Magic and Madness
Transmediale - Singularities
Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto
Manual DeLanda - 1000 Years of NonLinear History
Amy Ireland - Black Circuit: Code for the Numbers to Come
Adam Curtis - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Amy Ireland - Noise: An Ontology of the Avant-garde

Term 2 Paper Final
Draft on Method
Media Object

3 artists using dead media

Popol Vuh
Blackfoot Creation Story
Cecil B Evans Interview
Alexandra Crouwers
Ed Atkins - Material Witness or Liquid Cop (2012)
Japanese Mythology

Network Artifact 1 - Houdini

Happiness Dealy
Article 1 - Is the study of Happiness a Worthy Scientific Pursuit?

The Happiness Industry - William Davies

Happiness - A Survival Guide for art and life