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Zac Blas Radio Sonia MACBA podcast

Network is a hegemonic term to describe all technological interface and social reality. How can we get beyond viewing capitalism/internet hegemony as a totality in order to see viable forms of resistance?

paranode - (Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World Ulises Ali Mejias) beyond the topological limits of a distributed network diagram. The space outside of the network topology. The network thinking doesnt consider that space. "the dildo techtonics of the internet"

nodocentrism - nodes and edges, dots and lines make up a network -- a hegemonic form of social reality by organised networks

"the internet will disappear" the world will become the internet, and the internet will become the world. the logic of totality -- the internet as the world totalises the world. where is the outside?

alternatives to the network itself, through a queer and feminist perspective

engaging in queer and feminist, transgender politics today cannot ignore technology, tech complete cuts through and shapes power today

tactics of non-existence: If existence is a means of control, then non-existence is a form of evading control. how do we non-exist towards these machines?

art of representation v. art of action : does art need to be didactic in order to have agency for change?

the prison house of language (jameson) - if you take a purely formal approach to literature, you miss out on context.

phil agre - surveillance and capture - surveillance is an inaccurate term for whats happening, the term should be capture. capture is not visual, its linguistic. grammars of action should be developed. how does a machine know that its looking at a face? through a computational grammar of the face.

connection between language and formal properties: capture tech takes the body as purely formal.

new work: capture torture dungeon inspired by s&m : technologies are bad is too obvious, folding in complicity and desire for these techs make it more interesting, bringing it into s&m is an complex exploration of these relationships : enacting violence, pleasure, resistance

future torture scenario, dead ringers

panopticism (full on enclosure) is not the paradigm of surveillance systems

predictive policing, pattern of life: dev mil tech domination, control , imperialism

pattern police

immobilisation can happen through mobile power at any moment, why panopt is not a good analogy (airports being the most obvs)

biometrics is intrinsically linked to the body, queer, feminist, antiracist, trans concerns as these populations are the most violently affected

who is constructing the pattern of life

biometrics as tech of identification , #1 border security tech, writing a new def. of identity itself.

biometric def. of identity is a disembodied aggregate of data that travels freely across global networks -- identity can be taken out of you, yet still be a 100% true rendering of you, can be removed from you, circulated and shared.

POC can be seen by biometrics cause they were calibrated by white people