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[ 2010-2011 ]

Thematic Projects

Build Break Broadcast
Sniff Scrape Crawl
No Such Thing As Repetition


  1. Clapping Music
  2. CPUtter
  3. Clapping Music in C
  4. C-Loops
  5. Playback a pattern with pushbutton on Arduino
  6. Markov exercise
  7. Bob Mondriaan
  8. Soldier, Soldier, will you please shut up?
  9. Among the stars

Other programming stuff

  1. Speeltijd - 12 days a week


  1. One-Transistor-Amplifier



Build, Break, Broadcast


[ 2011-2012 ]

Final Project

Project: Word in Process

Thesis: Word in Process. Engaging with text in the post-Gutenberg era.

Notes & texts

[ Website ]