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Clara Franke is a visual artist focussing on photography, film making, graphic design, ceramics and costume/clothing design.

She was born in 1998 in Hamburg and studied in Albuquerque (attending Media Arts Collaborative Charter School in 2015), Groningen (Bachelor in Design at Academie Minerva 2022), Berlin (internship with THE PEOPLE° in 2021) and Rotterdam (currently following the Master "Lens Based Media" at Piet Zwart Institute).

While constantly evolving, what one always finds in her work is an underlying sense of muted colours and a general dreamy aesthetic that can be seen in all of her creative work.

Recently she finished and self published her first photo book about the old hospital, now communal squat, called ORKZ in Groningen, which was also her home. // @frankeclara


Photo book The ORKZ


Clara Projects that may or may not be made

Short Documentary "Ostblock"

In-Class Interview Borostyan

Until the impossible can be proven impossible, is it?

Notes on practice by Aitana

Text on practice

Current Projects

Shortfilm "Borostyán"

Clara Thesis Outline & Proposal"

Running Notes