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1// Document the back of your head

Claras head.jpg
Back of my head 2.jpg

2// Find a texture that brings you calmth
3// Scan your Jewelry
Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 12.40.25.jpg
4// Draw on something that is not a paper
Not Paper.jpg
5// Photograph two people hugging(ore one hugging themselves),  Zoom in
6// Reverse one or all of the tone curves in editing
7// Mirror image
8// Take image of a face and cut out a part that only shows one part of it
Nosh eye.jpg

9// Take an image of a person or animal, print it and turn it into a surreal creature
10// Invert that image
11// Screenshot the last note on your phone
Screenshit of note.jpg
12// Go to your photographs on your phone, scroll up while count till the number of your age. Stop without looking on the screen while you open a photo. Describe what you see, what happened that day, and what you feel when looking at the image.

The photograph shows me and one of my oldest and best friends; Rouven. It was taken at Habitat festival in Hamburg on July 17th 2022. In the image you can see Rouven and I. I am sitting between his legs and he is licking my face. Casual, visual description of our friendship. Rouven is like a brother to me. We went to school together and moved to the Netherlands together. Now he lives back in Hamburg so I only get to see him every few months. Last I saw him was 2 weeks ago.

The sun is shining in the image. The photo is taken by Janne, another friend I already know since my teenage years. On the left you can see the knee of Dodo. I met Dodo that day. He was a friend of Rouvens and is now a very good friend of mine too.

Another friendship started that day.

We were smoking a cigarette when a girl joined us and asked me for a lighter; Elena aka Elli. We started talking. I was very attracted to her right away. She had just moved to Hamburg and her friends had already left the festival. She spent the rest of the day with us.

We all met up at the lake a few days later and became friends.

Rouven Dodo and Elli spend a lot of their time together. They all live in Hamburg. I miss them.

12// Take a photo of something living
12// Take a photo of something dead
13// Create a clay piece inspired from your scratches
Clay hug.jpg
Clay hug 2.jpg