Scaling + Platform 2013/2014

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This module explores the history of platforms and the relation to scale, in terms of image size, audience size, networks, and economics. Looks critically at the myths & promises of immersion. Challenges participants to consider the impact of their chosen media and distribution to make work thats platform-specific.

Open question: is there a common subject that meeting 2 + 3 could work on? Maybe:

Meeting 1: 15 April

History of platform & relation to scale

10-13: Barend: File:Scaling Platform- A Cinematic History.pdf

14-17: Michael: Scaling + Platform: A Computational History

Meeting 2: 22 April


Michael: Workshop: Navigable SVG Workshop

  • Programming navigable (information) spaces
  • Visuals for different screen sizes / modes of navigation ?
  • Vector graphics

Meeting 3: 6 May

Barend: Workshop: making content for different screen sizes / modes of address / Multiscreen.

Meeting 4: 16 May

10-17: Final session

Prepare a short (15 min) presentation that applies the course to your own research which demonstates the concept of scaling and platform-specificity.