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Trimester 1


Connection of old archives (radical software) with new (active archives) and their ways of reflecting them/ interfacing them

Special issue

Is it a book worth creating? I would like more challenging procedures but not with the meaning of design or technology but with the meaning of critical thinking/approach/research/concept
I expect from this master's to develop my critical thinking in my projects and tools and not my productivity. Networking, meeting other people outside PZI and working in different environments was an interesting parameter. using different tools

Writing to be my actual work

In the near future I want to read more texts that I feel are filling my puzzle (many texts I have read previously I met them here). Focus more on my personal research
Experiment with more material and produce many small things derived from philosophies, other examples and artists (like antfarm, timecapsule, connecting with previous interests)

Conceptual thinking vs programming

Combinational notions (conceptual thinking, programming, writing)

Local networks, media hacking

Trimester 2


Collecting and reading references, writing abstracts and synopsis made my writing in English even more easy and my reading even more imaginative. I found a particular interest in transcribing that is connected with the typists, "Boomerang" of Richard Serra and interviews that we did the last trimester and at the end became part of my project based on orality. The whole trimester I get used on editing digital platforms and writing texts. I worked with different practices of writing (python scripts, bash, command lines, html, CSS, makefile, README, zotero, abstracts, reader, synopsis, essay), that were overlapping each other, under the context of one project.


Participation and reading.

Participated in reading workshop of Amy Pickles and attended the Writing meeting of Fine Arts students (reading performances) influenced my approach in the middle of the trimester. The reading practice integrated into my work as a performative way of sharing knowledge and creating texts. Personal narratives and part of my body experiences emerged in this project. Like repetition (repeating the same word until it looses its meaning) and oral interaction (childhood memories).

Language+Software experiments

Old projects and concepts get connected in this project and have being explored further. More easily focused on what and how I want to do it.

Prototyping with language + sound

Voice and pocketsphinx

Managed to: understand the wiki better, install and work with speech recognition
Worked with: Cryptpad, recipe for reader, html, CSS, bash, python, nltk, git, makefiles, pipelines, zotero, wiki, Pocketsphinx,...
Organised and realised a project with different technical requirements.

Next steps

I want to explore these language experiments in more languages, including mine, and develop this overlapping of writing practices.
Keep developing research also on previous interests: theories on public space, architecture and media, sound. Being updated on contemporary theories and terms.
Engage my native language more.
Creating and participating in small initiatives, coming from these interests.
More software and projects interacting with browsers or social media (online-live actions/ web publishing).
Projects on interaction and contextual perception. Open to the public and the space.