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Collaborative writing, editing and publishing sessions

Session with Steve: Swarm 01

Markdown file:

On Archive Fever:

The Guardian "[Derrida] convincingly argues that, although the archive is a public entity, it nevertheless is the repository of the private and personal, including even intimate details."

Session with Steve: Swarm 02

A Communications Primer –  (Film: 1953)
The Parasite – Michel Serres

Writing exercise: Defining tasks and outcomes

-Get to know the archive a bit better and try to get an overview on the contents of the material.
-Come up with relevant questions concerning the act of archiving, our process, and the challenges we face.

-Read to the archive and come up with possible tags that can be used next to the semantic metadata or that we need to add.
-Read trough Lost and Living in Archives and see what we can use to back up our research by making annotations.

-Knowing the contents is essential to come up with an overall concept and ways to activate or navigate through the archive.
-I feel the need to understand a bit better what we are actually doing and what it means in a wider context (fi its social importance)

- A better understanding of how to structure and navigate the archive (for an outsider/visitor)
- Find relevant references, annotations to back up our collective research.
- Hopefully ideas on a (design) concept
- Useful annotations


Archivists are bypassing paywalls to share studies about coronaviruses
Article on Copyright on the health of humanity

On Vault7

Was Humanity Simply Not Ready for the Internet?
A 1990s cyber enthusiast considers whether he’s to blame for our digital woes. (Douglass Rushkoff)

Lost and Living in Archives

In sickness and in health

The legacy of Whole Earth Catalog

Post-Digital Print/ The Mutation of Publishing since 1894,_Alessandro_-_Post-Digital_Print._The_Mutation_of_Publishing_Since_1894.pdf

The New Society, Tagalog in Helvetica, and one-stop sari-sari stores. A recent history of graphic design and nationalism in the Philippines.

On urgent publishing:

Lost and Living in Archives


The Internet's own Boy (Documentary about Aaron Swartz)

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

The Dark Side of the Sulk Road: Road


The Rise of the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte

The Kingmaker 2019
An extraordinary look into the controversial political career of Imelda Marcos, this documentary tells a cautionary tale of a powerful female leader whose questionable sense of reality divided a nation.

Onion Routing - Computerphile

Web vs Internet (Deep Dark Web Pt1) - Computerphile

Secrets of the Deep Dark Web (Deep Dark Web Pt2) - Computerphile

TOR Hidden Services - Computerphile