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Mediawiki as development archive and editorial space

text, images, pdf (audio)
    \                                            DEV
      `     **********
        -> * mediawiki *
               `-> site generator
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ \_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                        `-> static website
                                   |`-> access via Tor
  RELEASE                          \ 
                                    `-> print publication 

Projects where MW serves as backed to other reading interfaces


Mondotheque / The Radiated Book

Pg 0005.jpg

Mondotheque A Radiated Book Un livre irradiant Een irradierend boek.png

PZI Graduation website

Catalog - result of wiki to print

Natasha Berting: Warnet

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 17.52.22.png Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 17.57.59.png


Renee Turner: Warp Weft Memory

The Warp and Weft of Memory-1.jpg

Femke Snelting & Michael Murtaugh: Tonnelstof


Pages on Wiki based Publishing

Access to sandbox Pi

How to SSH to HUB nodes

On the user's personal machine (where the public key was generated) just:

ssh -J $IP

If for any reason it doesnt work, please send us the output of:

ssh -J $IP -vvv


Here is a ssh configuration which should allow you to ssh easily from your local machine to one of the Hub nodes

using only:

ssh hub.nodename

By adding to ~/.ssh/config the following configuration, and changing with the correct details:

Host hub.nodename 
User username
Hostname  10.0.0.XXX
Identityfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
Serveraliveinterval 30


  • nodename: is the name you would like to give this node of hub.
  • XXX: termination if node's IP
  • username: your username in the Pi and Xpub server (should be the same)
  • ~/.ssh/id_rsa location of the private keys

Mediawiki install:

Follow instructions at

Dependencies installed:

  • webserver: Apache
  • PHP7.3 + necessary extensions
  • imagemagick
  • MYSQL server
    • create db & db user for wiki

Install MediaWiki

  • Download MW .tar.gz folder to the the html/ dir of this machine, usually `/var/www/html`
  • untar `tar xfvz mediawiki-1.34.0.tar.gz`
  • change the name on the resulting mw directory, for instance superwiki
  • in the browser go to IP.of.server/superwiki for browser based installer
  • install extensions:
    • wikieditor
    • OATHAuth

Post Installation

  • image uploads
    • enable images upload to designate location (inside MW directory)
    • define formats allowed
    • define maximum size of uploads
      • in MW LocalSettings.php
      • in php.ini

Mediawiki work groups

Each work group should document its changes and process in the [[Help:]] pages of the itchwiki

[[Special:SpecialPages]] and [[Special:AdminLinks]] is a good place to look on the wiki for pages that help with Media, Admin, Navigation

Group: Media

  • ensure media files can be uploaded
  • ensure media are uploaded to the right location: where external harddisk is mounted
  • ensure that the upload size limit is large enough to allow for the largest upload
  • outline the information that should be included once media is uploaded
  • upload the media from the archive, following the process describe in Digital_zines_I:_PDF#Make_a_single_PDF_of_all_the_images
    • why PDFs instead of single images?
    • searchable pdfs

Wiki pages:

  • [[Special:NewFiles]]
  • [[Special:ListFiles]]
  • [[Special:MediaStatistics]]

Mediawiki documentation:

itch documentation page [[Help:Media]]

Group: Admin

This groups should be responsible for

  • creating account to guests & tutors
    • xpub1 + tutors should be given admin rights
  • give or revoke rights to users
  • keep an eye on active users

Wiki pages:

  • [[Special:CreateAccount]] for creating accounts
  • [[Special:UserRights]] for giving or revoking users' rights
  • [[Special:AdminLinks]]

Mediawiki documentation:

itch documentation page [[Help:Administration]]

Group: Navigation

This groups should be responsible for:

  • ensuring important pages of wiki have links in sidebar and main page
  • transclude special pages such as {{Special:NewFiles}} to main page
  • if wished change the CSS in [[MediaWiki:Common.css]]

Wiki pages:

  • [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]
  • [[Main_Page]]

Mediawiki documentation:

itch documentation page [[Help:Navigation]]