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LB1: 10:00 - 12:00 & again 13:15 -17:00 RW&RM With Steve Rushton in the glass box of the drawing station 4.115

Note: Kate Briggs will join us for the session after this one


Review of reading groups and readers

Introduction to text on method.

Outcome of this session = Draft of Text on Method

Review progress at 16:00

Set outcome for next session.

From the 1st session:

The specific outcome for the RW&RM seminar of 2018-19 will be a 1500 word text which reflects on your own method and situates your work in relation to a broader artistic and cultural context. The various texts produced within the RW&RM seminar will serve as source material for your text on method. In common with all modules on the course RW&RM serves to support your self-directed research. Therefore, the text on method will inform your Self-Evaluation at the end of the third trimester and provide the basis for your Graduate Project Proposal that you will produce in the fourth trimester.


Text on method / Marieke

Text on method / Katia

Andreas methods 10-04-19

Mia - text on Method

Susanna - Methods/session 11 Text On Method DRAFT

Jue's super-rough, too-long, under-edited, titleless text on methods

Felix method

Sonia Methods_trim3_session1 draft


text on method / cem

[Text On Method- Ana Brumat