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LB1: 10:00 - 17:00 RW&RM Steve in the large project space

Session three: Synopsis, annotation, taking notes and breaking down an argument

10:00: recap and intro from Steve

Debrief Steve on progress with EYE project

1) Unfinished business from the last session

a) make a page for self-directed research text on the wiki

Self directed research description 7-11-19

b) make link to your own methods research page on your student page

Assess what needs to be done with that text to improve (edit, add images &c), consider how it can be augmented (continued)

Sample librariesLink

2) Synopsis and break-down

Steve will present a series of arguments.

What is the thesis?

What is the conclusion?

James Bridle

New aesthetic

James Bridle

End of the future

The neural aesthetic

Kenneth Goldsmith

3) Afternoon:

Find a text (article or book chapter) which relates to your work in some way, read it and make a synopsis of it (300 words max)

Describe the thesis (what is the speaker talking about?), describe the conclusion


Upload synopsis 7-10-18 here


Session four: image analysis and synopsis continued


1) Recap and update


2) Image analysis


3) Synopsis continued

4) Steve Tutorials (part one)

Session five

Steve tutorials (part two)