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Bernadette Geiger explores in her design practice the impact of technologies on society, in particular artificial intelligence, automation, and labor. Here, the focus is on exploring possibilities outside of current paradigms - whether they are paradigms of aesthetics, usage, technology, or economic boundaries. Her work results from the combination of sound, image and text, digital and analog.

More informations here

Special Issue '22

Title: Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive

Time: Sep 2023 - Dec 2023

"Students from the Piet Zwart Institute's Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB) explore and create techno-social protocols for potential active archives of Radio WORM while making radio themselves." [Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive]

As part of archiving I documented my process and thoughts on SI22.

Special Issue '23

Title: Quilting Infrastructures

Time: Jan 2024 - March 2024

"In this special issue, we will look at trans*feminist, art and community servers from different perspectives, highlighting the seamful processes that run through them and bring patches, tools and practices together. Together we will be working with the notion of quilting as methodology and conceptual framework, considering quilts as multi-layered structures that are built from a patchwork of different fabrics and have visible seams which bring together a variety of textures and materials.

The focus on seams reminds us that infrastructures are often built in relation to each other, and rarely from scratch. They "often collide: their seams are visible in their many edges, endings, and exclusions. [...] As a guiding metaphor, seams draw our attention to those places where multiple infrastructures are stitched together to achieve fleeting, nonstable, even ephemeral moments of alignment." (Vertesi, 268)

Together, we will take stock of the servers we surround ourselves with, or are surrounded by, and we will stitch a collective quilt of server connections, processes, interfaces and interventions. In this process, we will make public the innards of the labour, collective processes and decisions that are integral to community-run servers through various interventions, while reflecting on the implications of opening up these shared spaces to a public. We will dedicate time to learning from the early developments of community servers all the way to more recent work, each with their own specific contexts, scales, motivations and politics. In this process, we will also pay close attention to the reasons why some of these projects end, and the traces that continue to exist beyond the limits of promises, labour capacities and budgets." [Quilting infrastructures]

As part of this trimesters topic we are induvidually and collectively working on web pages. Each week we will add a new page to the web quilt. So as part of the archiving process, I will document each web page viusally with comments rather then solely writing text/notes.

Formative Integrated Assessment

At the end of the second trimester each student is asked to give a 15 minute presentation about their contributions to the special issue 22 & 23 as well as personal projects that happend simulateousely to the course.

I choose to make a pdf allowing me to include images and screenshots and to apply my personal visual style. As part of this documentation you can download the pdf here:

Special Issue '24

Title: ON LOITERING and other forms of in-situ computation

Time: April 2024 - June 2024

"A proposal to observe and engage with the city in its shifting technological and social contexts, by spending time in public and semi-private spaces, finding ways to execute digital and performative scripts, encountering inhabitants and other forms of life, interacting with ubiquitous computing in the wild." [ON LOITERING]