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Special Issue #22: September - December 2023 In collaboration with Radio WORM


Monday 18 September

  • meeting at Radio WORM — visiting the studio, learning about the history of WORM, closer look at the film-lab
  • introduction to project " Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive"
  • experimenting with cassett recorder — listening to old tapes; rewrite tapes; record live radio, experiment with it
  • introduction to Radio Aporee and small task: find a field recording of a place you've been before (schrammsteine.mp3); record the metadata (metadata-berna-bereit.mp3) and connect a memory with this place (memory-berna-bereit.mp3); result: /week 1: field recording
  • finding the first 3 caretakers for first radio show — Maria, Victor and me

Tuesday 19 September

  • kick-start into first radio show — shownotes
Maria, Victor and Bernadette @ Radio WORM; photo: Florian Cramer

"For the purposes of promoting the radio slot we will be using. Ash asked for a title, description, and image for promotion. These can be adapted and changed over the weeks! Michael Murtaugh (talk) 19:25, 14 September 2023 (CEST)

Title: Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive

Description: Students from the Piet Zwart Institute's Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB) explore and create techno-social protocols for potential active archives of Radio WORM while making radio themselves.

XPUB is the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing of the Piet Zwart Institute. XPUB focuses on the acts of making things public and creating publics in the age of post-digital networks.

XPUB’s interests in publishing are therefore twofold: first, publishing as the inquiry and participation into the technological frameworks, political context and cultural processes through which things are made public; and second, how these are, or can be, used to create publics. Source: XPUB" (read whole page)

Collection of words describing my experience (not sorted):

familiar // experimental // tape // volume // mixer // ai jingle // reading // explaining // structured structurlessness // memo of memories // youtube cats

created my own user on our server
  • setting up first server
  • but our server needs a name tba.

Wednesday 20 September

  • talking about methods of annotating and reflecting on our own way of annotating
  • collective reading of "Postscript on the Societies of Control" by Gilles Deleuze (1992) — taking notes and discussing them
  • after that split into four groups; in my group we read "On the data set’s ruins" by Nicolas Malevé (2020)
  • afterwards reflecting on different methods of annotating

Further links: The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968)// Eventual Consistency by Michael Murtaugh // From Counterculture to Cyberculture by Fred Turner (2006)


Monday 25 September

  • meeting at Radio WORM — technical introduction on how to use the studio for everyone; in the meantime Michael tried to copy the digital archive but it crashed; with some help they managed to leave no damage and Michael could save some of the files for our project — the archive is massive and messed-up
  • back in the studio we decided on a name for our server with a method introduced by Manetta: collecting names in pad; split in groups of 2; couple up with another group and at the end all groups meet again to present their decision — the server name is CHOPCHOP
  • afterwards we further set up the server; everyone has their own folder and webpage no; we learned more commands for the terminal and made ourselves familiar with the environment
  • in the evening I did the Barthes prerecording for the second radio show; everyone read one part of the text "The Death of the Author" by Roland Barthes (1967)

Tuesday 26 September

  • we listended to the show and took notes — shownotes [here are now all the collected feedbacks]
  • we then started to set up our coding environment and connected the server so we are able to upload files and started with html/css
  • the group was split in 2; one half got an introduction on html and the other half which I was part of tried to brainstorm about a possible soundboard using the WORM archive
  • Thijs and Riviera were already working on a set-up so they can work at the same time in one html file — we then tried to work with 7 people in one file but it didn't work out :D

Further links: Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization by Alexander R. Galloway (2004) // The Real World of Technology by Ursula Franklin (1989) // Hearing the Subway // In The Beginning ... Was The Command Line by Varia // Collective Conditions by Constant // Radiotext(e) by Neil Strauss and Dave Mandl (1993)


Monday 2 October

me being 30min late

  • catch up and introduction to upcoming events: Zine Camp @ Worm 4th-5th November
  • the caretakers for tomorrows show are asking the rest of the group for contributions my homework for today
  • small discussion about the 3 text and sharing our thoughts
  • afterwards input on transmission and streaming
  • experimenting in different groups: radio, stream, podcast
  • it was harder to broadcast than expected

Tuesday 3 October

  • I listened to the radio show from home and tried to enter the jitsi call but my microphone didn't work :( this happens quite often my homework for somewhen
  • in the afternoon we experimented with speakers, microphones, mixers, piazza modules, ventilators — we recorded some piece
Photo 2023-10-03 15-29-35.jpg
Photo 2023-10-03 15-29-37.jpg
Photo 2023-10-03 15-29-36.jpg

Wednesday 4 October

  • we took the time to finish the texts that we started 2 weeks ago
  • my evaluation
    • it took us longer than expected - that's because we read each section silently and then took the time to talk about it
    • it was good to fully understand the text at the same time it takes way longer then reading it first and then discussing the whole text
    • luckily there was an abstract and a conclusion - so at the end we were still able to collect the most important informations and connect them to our SI22
  • afterwards we started a big mindmap on which we are collecting all the topics that we talked about so far in the past 3 weeks - it is meant to give us an overview and connect everything
  • at the end the goal is to create a glossary
  • the mindmap is now part of our studio

Friday 6 October

  • today I went to the studio and met Thijs and later Riviera and Alessia
  • we spontaneously took the time to rearrange the studio space so everyone has a workplace, maybe some space in one of the shelves to leave stuff and a space where we can meet and work together
  • later on Victor joined as well and Michel was there too
  • now we want to collect plants and small things to make the space more cozy and less like a callcenter


Monday 9 October

  • we first had a little check-in talking about the text we read and about general to dos, ideas, people showing stuff they've been working on so far and how we can make ongoing side-projects transparent to everyone
  • we transfered all mp3 files to our public_html so we can start experimenting with them
  • in the afternoon we got to now PagesMedia and how pdfs can be created using css
  • in a second group we worked with regexes (not sure if I understood what it is :D): it makes it possible to search for words, to split up textes, count the used words, ...

prepare a dip for the first breakfast-radio-listening-session

Tuesday 10 October

  • in the morning we had our first breakfast-radio-listening-session which was very nice - this should be continued - we had snack all day long
  • we got an introduction to graphviz to create flowcharts using code - we then split up in groups after we collected relevant questions concerning our archive (like what is consensus, accessibility, how to activate, inside/outside, time)
  • together with Anita and Alessia we discussed about accessibility:
  • in the second second half we spend the time setting up our computers to plott - this didn't go as plannend, only a few of us were able to plott - so to be continued
  • we even tried to set it up on chopchop - but didn't work as well :(
  • kick-off meeting with everyone to prepare the following steps of zine camp 2023
    • this was a nice and useful start to clarify what to expect and find a way how to communicate
    • where can we collect collectively - find a transparent way of working together without missing out on ideas of each one
    • we spend not more than a hour to discuss this and will use the automn break to explore and seek out for possible content and tools we would like to use

Wednesday 11 October

  • we worked on the glossary - finding a name for it and further selected terms for the glossary
  • we tried to find a structure so everyone includes similiar points while defining - not sure we managed to find a general protocol for it


Monday 23 October

  • learning how to download yt videos via the terminal
  • catching up on upcoming events
  • talking about the 10min audio piece we want to make for the 10th November
  • in the second half we experimented with tape decks and magnetic tapes
  • finding different ways to record and cut it to create different rhythms and/or overlapping sounds

Tuesday 24 October

  • collective listening session to the radio show

Wednesday 25 October

  • working on techniques of paraphrasing and how we can improve the skill for ourselves
  • going back into the text we read in smaller groups a few weeks ago and define one term that is discussed in it for our glossary wordhole
  • finding an inner motivation why we want to have the glossary and why we want to extend it
  • discussion about the content for the presentation of our class for zine camp - this took quite some time - the discussion should be continued


Monday 30 October

  • check-in
  • speaking about collaborative and distributive work and how we want to collaborate on projects for zine camp
  • in the afternoon Rosa, Thijs and I took some time to talk about the audio-visual-soundboard we are creating for zine camp
  • my task: create the directory and collect the files; Rosa: in charge of the code; Thijs: full support - but at the sime time working on several projects - helps with giving his input
I've been quite absent in documenting my process and now it feels so far away that I'm not fully capable of remembering all the sessions we had. Therefore I will share a short reflection and the finale parts that I contributed to the release event.

Special Issue 22 - Visual Design

Together with Mania and Senka, I worked on the visual design of the SI22. Within the process we created share pics for social media, decided on guiding colours and fonts and created flyers, posters, project cards and a map with explainations of the project and exhibited objects.

Read more about the project here.

Pirate Radio - How to Set Up Your Own Broadcast

As part of the Special Issue 22 I created a small 16-pages zine about pirate radio and how visitors of the event could set up their own broadcast. Since some of us worked on broadcasting different sound snippets throughout the event, I wanted to add another layer of information. Also, as part of the past 4 months, we talked about pirate radio in the Netherlands and also tried to broadcast in the Aquarium (not as successful as we hoped).

The zine consists of two main parts: In the first part there is a brief overview of the history of pirate radios, mainly concentrating on illegal broadcasts in the Netherlands and also referring to current projects.

The second part plays visually with the process of setting up a broadcast including materials that are needed and also including a qr-code to the script that was written for our own transmitters by Rosa and Riviera.

By far it is not complete and there are many more stories to tell, yet it gives a small introduction and is intended to motivate for further researching.

The zine can be downloaded from the bootleg library, follow this link:

16-pages mini zine, front, A3
16-pages mini zine, back, A3

Link to whole Special Issue 22: Signal Lost: Archive Unzipped


Tuesday 12 December

  • reflection time

I really enjoyed the first trimester even though I struggled from time to time. Now looking back I felt like it was exhausting to spend so many hours discussing and re-discussing things that seemed decided. But it helped us grow together as a group.

For me personally it would have been nice to have more time developing a project, to dive deeper into a specific topic but since everything came together maybe 3 weeks before the final venue, it was too short on time. I still feel like we needed the time, things turned out differently as expected but I'm super happy how the event went.

I am looking forward to the next trimester, curious what we are going to talk about and set myself some "goals" for my personal design practice.


Action action - what a fun moment to steer through Action collecting random apocalyptic elements, chatting and laughing.