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Bernadette Geiger explores in her design practice the impact of technologies on society, in particular artificial intelligence, automation, and labor. Here, the focus is on exploring possibilities outside of current paradigms - whether they are paradigms of aesthetics, usage, technology, or economic boundaries. Her work results from the combination of sound, image and text, digital and analog.

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Monday 18 September

  • meeting at Radio WORM — visiting the studio, learning about the history of WORM, closer look at the film-lab
  • introduction to project " Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive"
  • experimenting with cassett recorder — listening to old tapes; rewrite tapes; record live radio, experiment with it
  • introduction to Radio Aporee and small task: find a field recording of a place you've been before (schrammsteine.mp3); record the metadata (metadata-berna-bereit.mp3) and connect a memory with this place (memory-berna-bereit.mp3); result: /week 1: field recording
  • finding the first 3 caretakers for first radio show — Maria, Victor and me

Tuesday 19 September

  • kick-start into first radio show — shownotes
Maria, Victor and Bernadette @ Radio WORM; photo: Florian Cramer

"For the purposes of promoting the radio slot we will be using. Ash asked for a title, description, and image for promotion. These can be adapted and changed over the weeks! Michael Murtaugh (talk) 19:25, 14 September 2023 (CEST)

Title: Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive

Description: Students from the Piet Zwart Institute's Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB) explore and create techno-social protocols for potential active archives of Radio WORM while making radio themselves.

XPUB is the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing of the Piet Zwart Institute. XPUB focuses on the acts of making things public and creating publics in the age of post-digital networks.

XPUB’s interests in publishing are therefore twofold: first, publishing as the inquiry and participation into the technological frameworks, political context and cultural processes through which things are made public; and second, how these are, or can be, used to create publics. Source: XPUB" (read whole page)

Collection of words describing my experience (not sorted):

familiar // experimental // tape // volume // mixer // ai jingle // reading // explaining // structured structurlessness // memo of memories // youtube cats

created my own user on our server
  • setting up first server
  • but our server needs a name tba.

Wednesday 20 September

  • talking about methods of annotating and reflecting on our own way of annotating
  • collective reading of "Postscript on the Societies of Control" by Gilles Deleuze (1992) — taking notes and discussing them
  • after that split into four groups; in my group we read "On the data set’s ruins" by Nicolas Malevé (2020)
  • afterwards reflecting on different methods of annotating

Further links: The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968)// Eventual Consistency by Michael Murtaugh // From Counterculture to Cyberculture by Fred Turner (2006)


Monday 25 September

  • meeting at Radio WORM — technical introduction on how to use the studio for everyone; in the meantime Michael tried to copy the digital archive but it crashed; with some help they managed to leave no damage and Michael could save some of the files for our project — the archive is massive and messed-up
  • back in the studio we decided on a name for our server with a method introduced by Manetta: collecting names in pad; split in groups of 2; couple up with another group and at the end all groups meet again to present their decision — the server name is CHOPCHOP
  • afterwards we further set up the server; everyone has their own folder and webpage no; we learned more commands for the terminal and made ourselves familiar with the environment
  • in the evening I did the Barthes prerecording for the second radio show; everyone read one part of the text "The Death of the Author" by Roland Barthes (1967)

Tuesday 26 September

  • we listended to the show and took notes — shownotes [here are now all the collected feedbacks]
  • we then started to set up our coding environment and connected the server so we are able to upload files and started with html/css
  • the group was split in 2; one half got an introduction on html and the other half which I was part of tried to brainstorm about a possible soundboard using the WORM archive
  • Thijs and Riviera were already working on a set-up so they can work at the same time in one html file — we then tried to work with 7 people in one file but it didn't work out :D

Further links: Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization by Alexander R. Galloway (2004) // The Real World of Technology by Ursula Franklin (1989) // Hearing the Subway // In The Beginning ... Was The Command Line by Varia // Collective Conditions by Constant


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