Graduate Seminar 2017-2018

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This is the page for the Graduate Research Seminar 2017-2018 run by Steve Rushton and Marloes de Valk.

The outcome of the seminar is

Trimester four: a Graduate Project Proposal (1500 words) and a

Trimester four and five: Thesis (8000 words).

The seminar will comprise individual tuition with Steve or Marloes and group sessions on specific methods (including peer to peer commentary, editing and proofing)

The days set aside for the seminar will be devoted to achieving specific outcomes which further the research and completion of the proposal and thesis.

This page will be used to upload information on your Project Proposal and Thesis and to serve as an ongoing record of research.


Here is the link to the

Graduate proposal guidelines

last year's proposals


24-11-17 Graduate Proposal Deadline:

Upload link final version 2017-18 proposals here:


A Guide to Essay Writing

Handbook details- thesis and final project

Thesis Guidelines

Criteria for evaluation (Thesis)


10-11-17 Thesis outline (what form will it take?)

12-01-18 Deadline First Chapter

16-02-18: Deadline First Draft Thesis

05-03-18: Joint2: Deadline Second Draft thesis (texts to 2nd readers)

Second Readers Guidelines

12-03-18: Deadlines Second readers' comments



The Graduate Seminar 2017–2018 with Marloes & Steve

The sessions will be for all second year media students: Y2LB and XPub

The sessions will take place every other Thursday, (with the exception of the first session which will be Wednesday 20 Sept).

The seminars will be all day workshops.

For each session the students will set aims at the end of the day the results will published on the wiki and reviewed by the group. 

Achievable aims will be set ahead of the next session. 

Sessions will include group work, individual work and  individual tutorials with Marloes & Steve

Outcome: Project Proposal (trim 4)

Outcome: Thesis (trim 4 & 5)

Session one: project proposal workshop. Session outcome: draft project proposal

Delphine is next in on 26th September. She has agreed to talk to Y2 XPub about the final form of the thesis (at 2:00pm)

10:45 – 11:15 discuss

11:15- 13:15 group session


14:15 write draft

15:45 Peer feedback

1615 publish draft


16:45 intro to thesis process

Links to texts on method



Be prepared to give an account of where you are at with your self-directed research and talk about what you want to achieve this year.

Think concretely about what you want to make, how you are going to make it and why you are going to make it.

Be prepared to discuss your plans for a thesis and what you need to do to achieve it.

Plan for the day:

0) Warm up exercise.

1) Split into two groups (Steve and Marloes will chair a group each)

2) We will discuss your plans.

What possibilities are open to you?

What material from the 'text on method' you wrote last trimester is useful for the proposal?

What material have you written (descriptions of work , assignments for last year's methods class &c) which you can use?

3) Write draft proposal

4) Whilst you work on 3), Steve & Marloes will give individual tutorials to discuss what each student is planning and how best to convey their plan in writing.

Outcome: a draft project proposal

5) Near the end of the day, Steve will give an introduction to the thesis writing process and we will discuss the thesis as a group. For an assignment, you will make a draft outline ahead of the next session including an annotated bibliography of no more than 5 key texts.

In the next session we will discuss your outline. (what are you going to write? about and what material do you have to hand and how to organise time &c).

Ahead of next session:

Upload latest version on to wiki

Make sketch or tiny prototype. Include in draft proposal by next week (image or video link &c.)

Thesis outline

Session Two Oct 5

10:00: Intro

10:15: Review proposal draft in groups, include a mini-prototype, a gesture in the direction of your research, a practical step.

11:15: Writing

LUNCH 13:15-14:15


upload thesis outlines 2017-18 here

14:15 groups of 3 people read and take notes

15:15 Write

16:30 meet back in 101 to discuss work load ahead of next meeting

Brief chat about Jstor / aaarg / Royal Library &c

Outcomes for next meeting (26 Oct) :

1) Thesis outline

2) Annotated bibliography : a synopsis and lines on how the texts relates to your research (no more than five texts and word limit of 200 words)

3) Draft of proposal (19th Oct upload and Marloes and Steve give feeed back ahead of the next session)

4) “Hackpact” a sketch each day - write a few lines on each of these experiments- upload on wiki

26 Oct



thesis outline review

10:00- 10:15 meet in big grouping

10:15- 11:15 meet in two groups

11:15-13:00 Write outline




14:00 - proposal draft review; hackpact review– groups of three (20 mins per person)

15:00 – write - Steve and Marloes give individual or group tutorials

16:30 – meet as group to discuss plan for next session

Next Session November 9

10:00 - 16:15

Individual tutorials in which we discuss final draft Thesis outline and final draft project proposal..

16.15 - 17.00 Group session talking about progress and next steps

Individual tutorials with Steve and Marloes.

For groups and sign up schedule sign here:

The next Graduate Seminar with Marloes 6th of December and with Steve 7th of December.

Please upload your final project proposals to the following location tomorrow (before midnight):

The next Graduate Seminar with Marloes is Wednesday the 6th of December. The next Graduate Seminar with Steve is Thursday the 7th of December.

For the next meeting please develop the first chapter of your thesis further. Flesh out your outline for this first part. No need for an entire first chapter of course, just some more details, angles, bits and pieces so we can discuss the next steps!

Make & write a little & make (and if you're making a game: play :) & make some more, write a bit more... so doing and writing support and strengthen each other.