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Radical Software was an exhibition inspired by a recent interest in the effects of cybernetics in arts. It was named after the magazine on video art from mid 70's, but specially after a quote by ANT FARM where they compare weed and video art as possible radical softwares for the mind. I consider the exhibition as a start point on my research on Cybernetics, a term that I still not fully understand. It worked as an empirical research on the subject.

It was a mix of intellectual discourse by academics and artists lecturers paired with a music/sound act. The space was prepared with a series of audio visual stimulations, as a video-art exhibition. Creating a noisy experience on the realms of technology.

Despite organizing the program and designing the space, three pieces were created by me in order to support the construction of the space.

More information in the W139 website:

The lecture and music programme

August the 25th
7pm lecture by Rachel O'Reilly & Jelena Vesić / 9pm music by DJ Turbot van Lullen

August the 27th
7pm lecture by Goodiepal / 8pm music by Mik Quantius

August the 29th
7pm lecture by Hans-Christian Dany / 8pm music by André Avelãs

September the 4th
7pm lecture by Lee Mackinnon / 9pm music by Fyoelk

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