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Does this page exist now? (Why) is content synonymous to existence and how didn't the page exist before, since there was already a link to it? How did the link feel with nothing to link to but the shadow of a page that could have or could have not been created? To answer these and more burning questions follow this page or go to sans-systeme.

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There are no mistakes or chance events: Everything is part of a larger scheme – or not. In any case, leave the back button alone. You are at the right place.

The Importance of Public Space 2: A Study.

/Sound memory

/Documentation or My Work Diary

/Random Associations of Structured Structurelessness

/SI22 Manual for Post-apocalyptic Radio Making

/SI23 Loading:Feminist Server...

[| Loading: Feminist Server...]

[| Subjective Map]


/SI24 Repository