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Thematic Project_from zero to one

Michaela L., Trimester 1.1, Year 2012

From zero to one

subtitle_Urban planting


I found myself interested in this anonymous or depersonalized aspect of the city. Stations, airports, parking lots, etc. are all places that are identical and at the same time different in every city’s layout. But what is the rhythm of time? And how can that rhythm be perceived, analyzed and changed through everyday life?
Urban planning is an attempt to explore and interact with the rhythm in the city. It was small assessment on rhythm analysis part of Thematic project. Nevertheless it is my first personal observation of how and to what extend I can provoke a reaction out of a small action:a type of social intervention in public space.


Essay & direction & photo documentation could be found here: Rhythm_analysis




On going research on fb_timeline


My current focus of interest and on going research is on fb_timeline. Fb timeline allows the user to go back in time or to fill out missing content - blanks of the past and the present, but what is the "online future" then? Moreover could it be a media object, predicted by Facebook?
notes on here: Research on fb_Timeline