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Prototyping assestment 1.1
Draf notes on_Facebook timeline /A research on critical aspects of Fb
"Tell the story of your life with a new type of profile" Report yourself and your activity. Questions to ask: What is the social, economic and personal impact of launching the fb timeline?
Introducing the time line - Promo video:[1]
The Marketing Impact of Facebook Timeline or how the brands get 46% more engagement per post [2]

projects refer to the topic:
The First time fb Timeline is used for an ad purpose - anti-drugs campaign, where various images ordered in timeline told the story of fictional character Adam Barak’s two lives: one getting addicted to drugs, another staying clean. In a ‘split page’ style you can retrace Adam’s choices and stages of demise (or happiness). Eventually the profile was removed by fb authorities for breaking its terms of service. <src:[3]
Grease monkey script (Pure F.B.)aims to disable the timeline from your fb profile or any content you don't want to be public, remove ads, sponsored stories, suggested posts etc. <src:[4]

on going project_process and outcome:
1.1 To create a simple Facebook template and a timeline without any real content only empty boxes. When scroll down filling the screen with infinitive new pop up boxes in a constant loop.
experience: spam the user
1.2 To gather critical notion of facts and quotes form Fb release of Timeline(Sep.2011), reviews users experience, impact, info graphics
experience: Info timeline or be aware of being watched/web espionage.
1.3 To write a grease monkey script, which will randomly feed the "future" in my timeline. Fb allows the user to go back in time or to fill out missing content - blanks of the past and the present, but what is the online future then? Moreover could it be a media object, predicted by Facebook? How do you browse through time and what is the 'online time'?
start on with simple layout of fb timeline

  • AddBoxes()

//Type in //Update [5]