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For now just a few ideas:
The behaviour of physical objects is dictated by how they relate to one another, depending on where they lie in space at a given time.

Space is a way to describe the world's order.

Proximity is defined by the intensity of the effect that A has over B, that can be evaluated through some measurement system.

From space, what we get is a network of relations

Space is extracted from patterning influences.

-> this is applicable to human relations that can be mapped (genealogic tree, facebook friends map, for genetic and social proximity evaluations)
People are enmeshed together as a network and that burst out of space, which is a way of structuring relations.

Space is the glue that binds the universe together"
Julian Barbour

Through visualisations of human relationships Networks you can discover relations you were not aware of, but the spatial metaphor can also be limitating or deceptive. Sometimes people try to be more precise regarding the relations that tie them with other people (genograms indicate transfer for instance).

A structure can emmerge from within.