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Import the Geoip database

I was lucky to find the MaxMind GeoIP2 legacy csv imported in MongoDB here:
I unzipped the folder for the dump and used mongorestore to import it.

First steps

→ will find anything

→ for it to be readable

db.ips.find({'location.country_name' : /^antarctica$/i}).pretty()
→ Will find ips in antarctica and show them in a readable way (the ^ is here in case it's a lower or upper case first letter)

→ anything with latitude of 12

→ anything with longitude of 12

db.ips.find({ 'coordinates.0': {$gte: 1, $lte:12},'coordinates.1': {$gte:1, $lte:3.1} }).pretty()
→ anything with longitude greater than 1 and lower than 12, latitude greater than 1 and lower than 3.1
This is very useful because it enables to give a range...

→ will return all the different countries listed in the database and sort them alphabetically

→ All different latitudes possible for longitude: 3

db.ips.find( { "coordinates" : { $near: [3, 48], $maxDistance: 7 / 111.2 } } );
→ the query says it all

mongo databasename < script.js
→ to move the query to a js file

export jsons

mongoexport -d poetic_geoips -c ips -q "{'location.country_name' : /^antarctica$/i}" --jsonArray --out antarctica.json
→ get a json file of all the ips in Antarctica

mongoexport -d poetic_geoips -c ips -q "{'location.city_name' : /^rotterdam$/i}" --jsonArray --out rotterdam.json
→ to get a json file of all the ips in Rotterdam

mongoexport -d poetic_geoips -c ips -q "{'coordinates.0':{\$gte:3.1,\$lte:12.3},'coordinates.1': {\$gte:1.9, \$lte:3.1}}" --jsonArray --out supersuper.json
→ SuperCombo