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My approach to the documentation of JODI's work was an attempt to find a gap I could fill.
People have been making videos, there are screen recordings, interviews and press mentioning their work.
If digital born artworks are quite vulnerable over time, their strength resides in the possibility of their dissemination over networks.
Therefore I believe that collaboration and the multiplication of documents over a wide range of hardware and operating systems, belonging to differently skilled people, should also be regarded as a strategy for sustaining memory over time.

So my aim was to find a form of documentation that would consist in a strategy of spreading information about JODI's performance.
At first I had three ideas:
- sharing a folder with the material for reenactment, like musical sheet for other musicians reactivating the performance of a piece of music or choreography for a dancer
- Asking people within the audience to collaborate in creating the documentation in different forms and redistribute it
- gather the documentation made by the people in the group and redistribute it

I went for the last one because it seemed more appropriate, convenient and sustainable.
People's ideas were very different and all well thought out.

The documentation consists in a folder gathering the output of the documentors works as digital files alongside a Readme file, providing with information about the performance, the documentation project and the bios of the authors. The emails exchanged throughout the advancement of the project have also been included as they contained some extra information about the whole process.

For distribution, I have tried to give different options to people. There is a torrent folder which people can keep seeding and leeching, so that would be a more decentralised method. To overcome the problem of Networks that don't allow Torrent download, I also have hosted zip folders on two different servers, there could be more to come. I am also working on a git repository, so people could pull the folder and eventually push back some changes.
I also made a web page indexing all the places where the folder could be downloaded.

So now we shall see what may happen. :-)