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Human-Machine Design
Brian Massumi.

In Being Digital, Negroponte predicte that in the future our earrings may communicate with each other and have more power than the 20th century's PCs. According to Massumi, the book is all about interface for interfaces sake, the titillation isnt about the gadget nor its goal but rather the connections that could be created.

Negroponte sees the future as information overload, too dense for the perceptive capacities of the human brain. The interface would be here to filter the bombardment, at the service of humans.
The interface would have to simulate human to human contact (voice command and recognition beyond verbal cues). Each human body would surround itself with a personalized or custom tailored doubled, delivering information in the basis of the master's needs, like delegates.

The transfer of properties would go both ways, blurring boundaries between master and servant, in a perpetual feedback loop. The human designed machine would design the human.

The design would be made for profit. The most profitable products would be non finished. The products will be a dissemination of the capacity to produce information by means of information. They will intensify and transform it, from commodity to a form of capital. Ciculation would create a surplus value. Interfaces are enabling a machining of human activity.