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The deterritorialization of educational institutions can also be perceived as a new trend particular to the society of control.
A sovereign society where the foundation of power was based on a symbolic leader without a strong centralized seat of power. 
Foucault mentioned the use of power as a tool of presenting reality.
Deleuze’s illustration of the control society’s animal metaphor is the serpent slithering across the power structure.
As was seen in 'The Waldo Moment' the body of a corporation is multiple, the unity of many.
Cooperative teaching might be the version of the control society where it spreads from person to person, while corporations affect the masses.
Some online platforms can still function as spaces of enclosure, but self initiated and rather on a shared interest.
The characteristics of the Economy of a time orientates the eye sight of the observer.
We don't need to go to things and people anymore as we can bring them to us.
The Waldo effect is the effect by which political personalities get replaces by a political interface.
Hiding a discourse behind an interface enables the speaking body to be constantly reshaping.
As a consequence of peer to peer collaborations, holoptism has replaced panopticism.
A personal email account can testify of this person's dividuation.
New social media platforms encourage the documentation of people's private lives by themselves.
 You are at the vaults of a server in London, about to learn more on disciplinary societies.
 The disciplinary power is to train (through a two-fold movement of homogenization and separation), rather than to select and to levy.             
 Who is Foucault?
The disciplinary power exercises a movement of normalization, while it also separates its subjects according to their level within the system.
Everyone is an observer and observed at the same time.
The examination combine the techniques of an observing hierarchy and those of normalizing judgement.
 A society of control do not follow enclosures, but rather its mechanisms of power are modulated across different areas.
"Limitless postponement" as the paradigm of control societies (related to Kafka's The Trial)
Everybody may feel like TV celebrities, just by being on televised, although there's a fascist overtones to the whole thing.
In 1937 the mass observation movement started in the UK.
TV Shows are apparently educate people about the dangers of life.
Using people as basis for entertainment.
The societies of control operate with machines.
Waldo is computer puppet made by the comedian and are a comic relief that exist on a tv show.

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