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You won’t get the opportunity to make a bad first impression twice

Someone told me once that I should join Twitter. And so did I.
Since then I have never been able to write a first tweet. I usually feel quite concerned about trying to express myself depending on the person I am talking too. Also, I am of a talkative nature, I like to input details into my conversation.

To me, doing a first tweet appeared a bit like having to speak to a two-way mirror, as in not being able to see who’s gonna hear me. It could be argued that it is exactly what I’m doing right now, but I’d say :
" Well, not really, at least I don’t have to be efficient within 140 characters, and I know my teachers are gonna read me".
So I started collecting 1st tweets from twitter accounts.

Going through them, I came to the conclusion that people can first tweet in three different ways :

1. The informative way :
consisting in providing people with an information straight away. For instance if you are an Asos CM you’ll tweet about that great winter promotion on wooly hats that would get Retweeted about a thousand times by an entire army of hysterical fashion bloggers. This categorization also applies to professionals and institutions targeting other people than hysterical fashion bloggers. Also works for people asking questions like ” How do I embed my tweets on my website? “

The two other options are part of the emotionally charged tweets.

2. The ” I’m not too confident, please people from twitter world come and grab me by the hand “ :
people who may feel quite odd about their first tweet and so won’t just drop an information and will feel concerned about being web-socially accepted. So often you see stuff such as "This is my first tweet". Expected reactions from people would be : "Oh hello @newbie, just make yourself comfortable, we heard you and we don’t bite".
It’s a bit like dipping a toe into water because you want to evaluate the temperature.

3. The ” I’m not really too empathetic or asking myself questions about the content I’m providing the receiver with. So let’s do it babe” :
people who’ll straight away tweet about their own personal issues like " I am soooooo tired I need to bed " ( well thank you @donttweetjustgotobed for that very substantial input to twitter’s database ).

Here comes

And the 1st tweet ever is :

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 23.04.38.png

Mystery solved.