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Gallery Transplant


Case study

Gallery Transplant is a work from Dennis Oppenheim, made in 1969. The piece consists in a transfer from the enclosed architectural and cultural space of the museum to an open exterior space. He applied the process to the Andrew Dickson White Museum and the Stedelijk Museum transferred respectively to the campus grounds of Cornwell University and Jersey city.

Oppenheim transplant 1.jpg OppenheimStedelijkJersey.jpg
The plan of the galley's floor is drawn outside in the snow. The result is then presented with an official plan of the Gallery, a topographic map and a picture of the installation.

Since this intervention is ephemeral, like most environment works, all that remains from is pure information (or documentation). Robert Smithson referred to that work talking about “Dis-location” to qualify Oppenheim's process. To him Oppenheim operated in a Data transfert from a part of the world to another.[1]

Parameters mentioned on the documents :
- name and date
- origin and place of transfer
- activated surface
- duration

Draft idea




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