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Movie theater opened in 1997 in Brussels working with independently produced films.

An archive consisting in:
- paper in boxes
- digital archive (10TB server and 100 CDs)
- administrative archive
- programs and brochure
- Video archive - archive of ABC cinema

Actions undertaken :
- digitisation (brochure and video)
goal : preservation and access

the ERG (Ecole de recherche graphique) is working on digitisation of the video archive
Yet there is a need to do alongside a selection, inventory, estimation of storage needed

preservation issues with the digital archive for long term preservation:
100 data cd's some are not readable with Nova's equipment
action : other players, disk images, identify formats

ABC : erotic porn cinema opened in 1971, closed in 2013
It is difficult to identify films because of the three languages used and bad translations
actions: film in cinematek? Collecting? Overview? Transfer the archive?