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In the end, I opted for some speculative promotional films, this for several reasons.
I thought that the promotional video aspect would go well along Lucia's intentions with this work and perhaps give it a different highlight. Also, the online documentation about process, technologies and intention had already been created by Lucia. I discussed with her about the intentions and the tone the videos should have.

I wrote some tiny scripts, which were then recorded while being interpreted by the chrome text to speech application. (this application is the one used by Lucia, therefore you can actually hear Cassandra's voice). On the film side, I collected a lot of stock video footage to get this very clean and stereotypical corporate visual aspect. The music in the background of the video was also found online and free of rights. The montage was made on the basis of the scripts I had previously put together. I also experimented with making a little animation with the graphic elements of the personality chart generated by Cassandra at the end of each video.

PART 1: Launching Cassandra

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Hi, I'm Cassandra.
May I help you?
I have been trained to perfectly understand you, and translate the person you are to the world.
Seeking a new job?
Well, I can match you with the best working environment that would suit your potential.
Don't have time to meet with your bank advisor for a new loan? No worries, I can do it on your behalf.
Feeling lonely?
Through me you might even find the very special one that would really correspond to you…
See, I happen to be very good at connecting humans.
I take care of being where you don't have time to be, so you can move on to enjoying life.
Oh… And did I mention that I work for free?
Sounds great to you?
Don't wait any longer, drop by one of our agencies for a casual chat and you will receive your personal card.
I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

Your life, just easier

PART 2: Speculative impact on society

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In 2015 we introduced you to Cassandra.
By today, Cassandra has met more than 3 billion people around the world, preventing them from human misjudgement and tying them together on the basis of who they really are.
We are very proud to announce that, within the last few years, Cassandra has had a very positive impact on society. Her mediation has provoked a significant decrease in discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age and physical impairment. According to recent figures, she has also helped resolve problems of frustration, work stress loads and unemployment.
Moreover, she may have won the heart of a fair few among you…

This wouldn't have been possible to achieve without your trust.

Thank you.

your life just easier.

More aspects of Lucia's project are documented on her portfolio :