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Welcome to the (ever) revised and revisable Technical Days wiki. These pages are used to support the students of the MA Media Design program of the Piet Zwart Institute which is the post-graduate school of the Willem de Kooning Academy, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is also hoped that the information could be of use to a broader interested public, and in keeping with the spirit of a wiki, all are welcome to contribute. For information on how to use this wiki software see mediawiki's user's guide.

Missing Material?

Many pages have been imported from a previous incarnation of this site. Images and attached files didn't make the jump however, and still need to get added back.

Course Material

Programming is central to the Technical course. Though not students are expected or required to "become programmers", the idea is that it's essential to have first hand knowledge of programming if one is understand the "stuff of software". Though we use a variety of programming languages thorough the course, Python is primary. We use Think Python as a text book for the course. This wiki is used as a central place to collect and distribute materials for the course (including "starting code" and various examples & exercises).



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