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A good text editor is a fundamental tool in a networked media designer's toolkit.

Intro to gedit, plugin architecture. Example: use apt-get to install common gedit plugins, switch them on in the interface (session manager, regex search / replace)

  • Text wrap hide / show
  • Writing your own plugin (later?)

Custom Scripts to:

  • Import camera media, and evt. make contact sheets, cutups, web pages, etc.
  • "Automatic radio" with mplayer + others

People make their own bin...

Custom media players

Media pipelines, like building a simple "shuffle player" with mplayer, find command.

plsplay script.

find . -iname "*.ogg" -or -iname "*.mp3" | mplayer -shuffle -playlist -

Unfortunately this messes up stdin controls of mplayer though, so a temp file of some sort would be handy...

find . -iname "*.ogg" -or -iname "*.mp3" > playlist; mplayer -shuffle -playlist playlist


This page is a scratchpad for idea for future classes.

Construction.gif this page is under construction ;)

In 1.02 I drew a parse tree to show how expressions in Python get reduced to simple operations that work on just two things at a time.

  • Exercise: Produce a function/tool to extract the colors of a website (those listed in CSS, etc.) and produce a palette (both visual, and CSS/text) -- useful!
  • Assignment: select a piece of music that seems "algorithmic" in some way -- write a set of functions that "perform" / or recreate (or give instructions for performing) this piece of music (cf. Clapping Music, possible post-exercise to music lyric writing loops)

Adventures in Command Line

Eliza... tie in with Python callbacks...

Broad, recurrent themes:

  • time & code
  • callbacks
  • feeds
  • bridging (not from scratch)

Information Visualisation: ManyEyes

Making a slideshow tool with imagemagick / mplayer / python

Using the find command

find tmp/* -exec identify {} \;

A python feature we've never come to, officially, in the course, but super cool about python: List Comprehensions & Generator Expressions [1]

Mplayer in slave mode (controlling applications from Python)









minisite for the course I am teaching for undergrads at the WdKA, I expect portions of this will become part of the MA course in future: