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[I don't get any sense of what happened at this event. What did people experience? What was the music like? Describe the paintings]

During the first Borderline Buddhies, with Jorrit Westerhof (guitar player) we were looking for the basic connection between sound and visual art. We could use the term "painting with sound", because I was painting on a 3 meter long paper, mostly abstraction while the guitar player was playing on his instrument using loads of pedals, effects, between soundscape and noisy improvised music. The audience were able to see-listen and interact with our performance, how the sounds were reflecting on the painting and opposite. The way we were playing with each other and with the actual materials was more a form of a meditation and getting in a meditative ambience with the people from the audience. We found the intimacy even if I was running trough the whole place every now and then, the whole performance took 57 minutes. But actually I'm looking for a better term then /painting with sounds/ to describe it, something which is more about the interaction between different art fields. Maybe more about the resignations and waves Do you have any idea?

Rosella's idea: under the infulence
my idea: cercula devila

[this describes the intentions of the event but doesn't describe the event itself. Again, what did people experience?]

It's an annually organised summer camp, when we are out of school, the weather is perfect for feeling enough comfortable to behave freely in our bodies. The structure and the content of the camp itself change in every year drastically. Looking for the challenges

After the first camp (2012) we