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0.1 Borderline Buddhies project 2017

My youngest project or let’s say a platform, or even we can call it as a collective for interdisciplinary artists to collaborate and organize exhibitions/events/meetings with people who are interested to discover more about themselves. Borderline Buddhies can have several forms, the events can pump up randomly in different cities or countries.

In August, in 2017 at Art Valley in Kapolcs, next to Balaton lake in Hungary, my partner and me we had an avant-garde performance. We combined life music and life painting. Before the performance I came up with the idea that we should call it as „Borderline Buuddhies”. Just a little reflection on my interest about psychological disorders, and a awareness of them. Next week at Niffo project space the second session will be presented as an exhibition opening with life performances, musicians and poets.

[I don't get any sense of what happened at this event. What did people experience? What was the music like? Describe the paintings]

And Why not?

0.2 KreaTura

A week long summer camp for youngsters , with interactive contemporary art workshops in Sepsibukszad, in Transylvania, next to a volcanic lake. During the week the participants will experience how to be part of a community, take your own responsibility and how to trust in others. We try to figure it out the questions of children democracy trough theatre, music, fine art/land art, literature, meditation and being in the nature as much we can. [this describes the intentions of the event but doesn't describe the event itself. Again, what did people experience?]

When I was 19 and I was studying in Romania I was bored and mean time I started to see that our educational system doesn’t give enough space for contemporary subjects or anyways it wasn’t so open minded. I started to learn about alternative pedagogies and because of my theatre background I was closer to drama pedagogy than something else. In that year I wanted to create my own pedagogical project to see how it works in practice. The main idea was to create an educational system without institution or at least without one main institution. So I invited my friends from different art fields, like I just said - music, theatre, fine art, literature and pedagogs. I wanted to make this camp available for teenagers from every social backgrounds, so I had to find foundings and try to act like a small leader. I’ll never forget that as 19 years old girl I had to talk with the parents and one of them asked me if during the camp we’ll have adults as well with us. I was already adult, but I just realized later maybe during the 4th camp or even last time, during this summer, during the 6th edition that nothing is bigger lesson that taking the responsibility for 38 teenagers who possibly in the end of the camp will take the same amount of responsibility for me. In this text I got a bit enthusiastic and I don’t know for sure where I’m talking about the „How” and where about the “Why”?

0.3 „Waiting for an orgasm“ video clip

I was honoured to direct a video clip for “3times7”, Dutch - Serbian blues, jazz, psychedelic rockish band. The band came out with their first album in June 2017. We released the video clip, one week before the Lp release. The “Squeeze the lemon” album is a perfect, big collage of different genres. Energetic drumming, diverse bass and controversial guitar playing. You can’t be sure about that what you are listening when is a monologue and when is a dialog between Jorrit Westerhof, Aleksander Scorič and Marco Curcic. In the video clip for the Waiting for an orgasm, I used an imaginary, almost alien porn idea as a basic. With three actors, two polish girls and the guitar player we covered the walls with aloufolie and the girl characters as well. The main character is wearing a yellow suit which was used for cleaning or working with heavy chemicals. The whole atmosphere we created was really spacy and a bit vaporwavy. The scenes were directed by me, but I was also giving time for improvisations and I tried to give as less cordinations I could, for the actors. We were listening the song in the beginning of the shooting session but after an hour, I realised it’s better to listen something different. I had some difficulties because the actors were sweating in the costumes so heavily that I had to be fast and I was struggling with the lights so in this part I felt I wasn’t prepared for the shooting. It was a crazy experience and a lovely exchange of mind. It turned out as a three minutes and eleven seconds video clip We did it, because we wanted to share the music and a mysterious image behind of it.