Raspberry Installation

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Raspberry Installation

1. Download an OS image file

2. Put image on SD Card

  • Open terminal
  • Find the disk that you are going to write to
diskutil list
  • Find the disk /dev/disk<number>
  • You need to unmount the SD Card before imaging
sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk<number>
  • Then to image the disk with your image put in the following command
sudo dd bs=4m if=/path/to/your/image.img of=/dev/rdisk<number>

3. Enable SSH on the Pi

With a screen + keyboard

  • Connect the Pi to a screen and keyboard.
  • Run: sudo raspi-config
  • Select Interfacing Options
  • Navigate to and select SSH
  • Choose Yes
  • Select Ok
  • Choose Finish

4. put the SD card back in the Pi and boot it up