Prototyping NM 2011-2012 T1

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Prototyping Trimester 1 occurred between October and December of the year 2011

Exercise 1.1: Reworking the Public Domain

Based on the past two weeks, using the tools we've been exploring (inkscape, bash, python), create a reworking of a "public domain" work.

From second years:

Exercise 1.2: "Mixing Sources" CGI

Demonstrate a CGI script that demonstrates a live mixing of two or more sources

Exercise 1.3: Write a Cookbook Recipe

Document a skill you've learned (or are learning) some of the technique we've looked at in class (Regular expressions, lxml, Hardware hacking, Arduino)

  • Give a sense of the context (introduction text, images, screenshots) of what you are working on (not just technical)
  • Include (working) code, where possible
  • Include the tag [[Category: Cookbook]] to categorize your page in the Cookbook.


List of interesting archives to tweak

On Thursday 15 Dec, First Years present the results from the Networked Media Sampler.