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XPUB printers

  • A4 HP color Laserjet Enterprise M552 - A4 color - available over:
    • network at IP
    • usb
  • A3 HP color Laserjet CP5225 - is trowing an error
    • network at IP (Andre Castro (talk) 11:05, 10 September 2018 (CEST) still having issues with CUPS printing server )
    • usb

HRO Printers

The Canon Multi-Functional Printers use a Follow Me printing method.

With Follow Me printing you only have to install one printer and you can print to all printers within all HR buildings so virtually we have only one printer.

Sadly it does not support Linux distributions :(


Note: might require login in with your student/staff credentials.

iPrint Mobile Apps


iPrint Client for Windows


iPrint Client for Mac


hmm ...

Step 2: Choose a Printer

Mobile Devices

From your mobile device, open the iPrint app and add a new print server.


Login with your Hogeschool Rotterdam credentials (no

Then you can select the Follow_Me printer.

Windows / Mac Desktops

After installing iPrint you can install your printer in ->

Select -> HR_FollowME — Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Install the dependencies and login with your Hogeschool Rotterdam credentials (no

If you check in System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners, it should be automatically added there.

Step 3: Print

Mobile Devices

To print documents, pictures or files from an application on an AirPrint enabled device (iOS), click the print button. If you are not using an AirPrint enabled device or the application does not support AirPrint, simply tap the “Open in” button on your iOS device or tap “Share With” on your Android device. Select the Micro Focus iPrint app to print.

Windows + Mac Desktops

Micro Focus iPrint is integrated with your print system and will allow you to print directly from any application by selecting Print.