Dot matrix printer

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Pruning Station with Irmak - The magic of scanner, OCR and dotmatrix printer (SI19)

Pruning Station in progress

See: How_do_We_Library_That???#Pruning_Station_with_Irmak-_The_magic_of_scanner,_OCR_and_dotmatrix_printer

Python script to scan a page from a book, apply OCR (optical character recognition) and print it on the dot matrix printer.

import os
print("starting the pruning process")
scanning = "sudo scanimage --resolution 300 --mode color -o image.png"
os.system("tesseract  image.png text.txt -l eng")
fantasyname = open("text.txt.txt" , "r")
fantasyname = fantasyname.readlines() 
for line in fantasyname: 
    line = line.split(" ")
    for l in line:
        if l!="" or l != ['\n', '\r\n']:            
            os.system("echo '"+l+"' > /dev/usb/lp0")