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License GPL
OS GNU/Linux
Media Surveillance
Format PNG
Interface Command-line interface,

Motion is an open source "software motion detector".

It's a command line program, designed to run optionally as a "daemon". It uses Video4Linux for camera input (e.g. webcams). It includes scripting possibilities.

By default, motion, puts some interesting files in the following places:


Following the "tuning" instructions:

To start I opened a terminal, made a folder to work in (in my system /home/murtaugh/Documents/motion), and cd'd into this folder. The I made a copy of the default conf file to make changes to. When you start motion, it will first look for a file named "motion.conf" in the current directory. You can also start it with the "-c" option to specify a custom configuration file (useful if you have different kinds of setups you want to test).

Code Examples