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In front of my grandparent's (old) house


A man holding a white bag in front of a gate

Behind the gate there’s a car

With one hand the man is opening a lock that’s on the gate

Next to him is a suitcase

The gate opens

A dog approaches; it’s wagging its tail


On the other side of the gate

Above the gate the words: “luctor et emergo”

Four people

Two women and two men

There are two cars, one is red the other is silver

One of the cars back trunk is open

A man takes a bag from the other man and puts it in the trunk

He closes the trunk

He rubs his hands afterwards


Two women standing in between the cars

Behind them:

A sign that says “J. van Bochove oogarts” and the number “18” above it

One woman touches her hair

The other woman points at one of the men

The man walks towards the other side of the car, to the car door, opening it

He bends over to get something out

The trunk is open again; the other man closes it

The screen gets dark

They all seem to get inside of the car