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name (year) director one thing noted month of viewing place of viewing
Crazy Rich Asians (2018) Jon M. Chu cried through this comedy (oh the shots of New York skyline) 08.18 kino
Kanazawa Shutter Girl (2018) Terauchi Kotaro "typology" 09.18 lv (subscribed to cineville for the Camera Japan Festival)
Mori, the Artist’s Habitat (2018) Okita Shuichi the audience chuckled, why... 09.18 lv
Bodysong (2004) Simon Pummell witnessed(?) a dozen births at 10 o'clock in the morning 10.18 class
The Propaganda Game (2015) Álvaro Longoria the shooting conditions were transparent 10.18 netflix
Side by Side (2012) Christopher Kenneally history of technology 10.18 class
Leaning into the Wind (2018) Thomas Riedelsheimer the audience laughed whenever there was a contemplative silence (esp. when Goldsworthy climbed through the branches). was silence unbearable for them? 10.18 lv
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) David Yates lost in the plot, highly stylized, tears over two scenes (Dumbledore & Leta, the fight between Grindelwald and the good people) 11.18 cinerama
The Children Act (2018) Richard Eyre tears over the scene when Our Lady cried about the boy, the only instance of her vulnerability and the re-uniting moment of her marriage 11.18 lv
The Wife (2017) Björn Lunge classic dramaturgy, interwoven conflict(s), compact dialogue 11.18 cinerama
Widows (2018) Steve McQueen audio as a layer on top of the situation (conversation in the car + shots of car from the outside + transition of one place to another in one shot, radio telling one secondary story over another secondary story), dramatic cuts 11.18 kino
Touch Me Not (2018) Adina Pintilie the aesthetics does not match the content, too stylized and too removed, the silence, hesitation and alternative practices make you think, but not feel; not feeling very well during + after 12.18 lv
Shoplifters MANBIKI KAZOKU (2018) Hirokazu Kore-eda subtlety 12.18 kino
Woman at War (2018) Benedikt Erlingsson (NL subtitles) surrealist musicians 1.19 kino
The Favourite (2018) Yorgos Lanthimos the grotesque Victorians (someone fell asleep in the theater and snored) 1.19 kino
Cold War (2018) Pawel Pawlikowski beautiful imageries and moving music, hollow with story 1.19 kino
Roma (2018) Alfonso Cuarón (NL subtitles) I wish I saw it with EN subtitles... fine repetition depicting the domestic, the noise of DF is perfectly captured and contrasted 1.19 kino
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them (2016) David Yates ... 1.19 netflix
Julie and Julia (2009) Nora Ephron when blog was still the new thing... The image of LIC and a young couple in NY... 9/11. Whose favorite movie was this? 1.19 netflix
Dogville (2003) Lars von Trier High discussions on morality at the end = irritating. The theater form is interesting, but at times feel gimmicky. The explicit portrayal of rape raises so much anger... 1.19 kino
S'en Fout la Mort (1990) Claire Denis There's an overall story line, but little is explicit (like the relationship between Toni and Jocelyn, or Toni and the other guy, or the relationship between Dah and Jocelyn). Puzzling but bearable perhaps because of the specific and choreographed shots of the rooster shots. 1.19 Neverland
Capernaüm (2018) Nadine Labaki Is it a guilt trip? 2.19 kino
Green Book (2018) Peter Farrelly Long build-up, genuine moments 3.19 kino
Vice (2018) Adam McKay tbc 3.19 kino
AGNÈS VARDA TRIBUTE: VISAGES, VILLAGES (2017) JR & Agnes Varda what was her relationship with Jean-Luc Godard? Much is left unsaid (brilliantly unplanned?) 4.19 kino
Yomeddine (2018) Abu Bakr Shawky "I am a human, too." I should watch Elephant Man... Scene of the legless man marching towards Beshay and Obama 4.19 LV
Minding the Gap (2019) Bing Liu What strikes me is the director's capacity to hold back. See more at Jujube/methods-session-3a#Film:_Minding_the_Gap_by_Bing_Liu 4.19 LV
Gloria Bell (2018) Sebastián Lelio character-driven, a bit generalizing/cliche and thus not touching 5.19 cinarama
La Planète Sauvage (1973) René Laloux tbc 5.19 LV
American Hustle (2013) David O. Russell Mamet-esque dialogue...period fiction...fast cuts 5.19 home
Three Identical Strangers (2019) Tim Wardle see Jujube/methods-session-3b#Documentary:_Three_Identical_Strangers 5.19 LV
Red Joan (2019) Trevor Nunn war-period drama lacking character depth, scene of death of the guy was gory, yet too rushed for what it was setting up for 6.19 cinarama
Der Goldene Handschuh (2019) Fatih Akin production style: check, realistic murder and rape scene: for what??, traumatizing 6.19 kino
Nebraska (2013) Alexander Payne will write more 6.19 home
Always Be My Maybe (2019) Nahnatchka Khan - 6.19 Netflix
The Biggest Little Farm (2019) John Chester cheesy documentary, too much epic music for poor reason, reconstruction easily detected, where did they get the money to film? 7.19 movies AMS
So Long, My Son (2019) Wang Xiao Shuai see Jujube/summer 8.19 LV
Good Boys (2019) Gene Stupnitsky see Jujube/summer 8.19 cinerama
Tadre para Morir Joven (2019) Dominga Sotomayor Castillo see Jujube/summer 8.19 LV
Tigers Are Not Afraid (2019) Issa López see Jujube/summer 8.19 LV
Matrix (1999) 9.19 cinerama
Jinpa (2018) Pema Tseden long takes (distracts rather than focuses the audience, no matter how well composed a frame is), relies heavily on dialogue 9.19 LV
Short Shorts Tokyo selection various cliche flashbacks; when plastics of image do not support narrative, the beauty of it is exactly what distracts; playful moments in a sad story is somehow the most moving part 9.19 LV
Solaris (1972) Andrei Tarchovsky see Jujube/abstracts-non-text 9.19 LV
Brokeback Mountain (2005) Ang Lee see Jujube/memoir2 9.19 home