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- expedition, resilience, serendipity

- revelation about the/my tent

  • Hilleberg the tentmaker
  • Sören

- back to understanding love and myself, the past flaring up through a specific encounter

- long correspondence, conversations and visits of old friends

  • Berlin
  • London
  • SF

- honesty, diplomacy, serenity

- more nuanced understanding of empathy, communication, connection

- leisure but fundamental readings/teachings:

  • Alain de Botton/The School of Life - love (the course of), eros, self-inquiry, stoicism
  • Hilary Jacobs Hendel (2nd time) - core emotions, healing
  • Bréne Brown - vulnerability, imperfection, shame, spirituality
  • Lars Svendsen - a philosophy of loneliness
  • article: United by Feelings - "the permeability of perception in fact cuts against the argument that emotion is another form of cognition since it reveals a physiological causal force (viz, the affective systems) that shapes and constrains perception and cognition." - links to "core emotions" which Handel based her book on/A General Theory of Love (three brains)

- refer to the document 'letting go and focusing instead' when lost

films in summer

So Long, my Son

3hrs did not feel long. Sadness because I understood their pain. Prolonged moments of silence — something I recognize aesthetically and culturally. One cannot separate oppression, suppression, depression, stoicism, friendship, belief, livelihood, hope, suicide easily in this film.

Good Boys

There was a glitch on the screen for half of the movie, but no one left. A good narrative, a compelling story overall > pure aesthetical images

Tadre Para Morir Joven

beautiful color, melancholic yet not moving. See Good Boys.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

Sat in the wrong theater and saw this by accident. Fantasy horror - still can't stomach gruesome images of ghosts and bodies, but what makes it better than other horror film is that all seems to be a child's dream, and in this case, nightmare. Memorable scenes:

  • Morro (5/6 years old) getting shot led to immediate tears: Morro looked down at the wound, hand covered in his own blood, silent - shocked - confused
  • depiction of an odd and desolated environment (plastic dolls with two heads)
  • abandoned theater filled with juxtapositions: hall with broken fish tank and a puddle of fish (Estrella and Shine sits across the puddle), kids playing with the balls they find, talent show where 'rappop' beatboxes
  • kid gang setting the piano on fire; the conversation darkens as the piano burns down
  • CLOSEUP: Shine finishes painting, touches the painted hand, CUT TO wider shot of the graffiti of the three kids saying goodbye to Morrito

Handheld cinematography is a deliberate choice. In a story filled with fantasy and drama, the slightly shaky camera brings the viewers back to reality: the feeling that "this happened" and "this exists."