Eleanor Greenhalgh, Trimester 3, 2012

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Trimester 2, 2012.


Outcome: The Dissolute Image

This trimester I realized the 'proof of concept' shown in prototype form in Trimester 2: a distributed archiving technique for storing each pixel of an image at a different URL, thus evading 2.0 content moderation policies. The alpha version of The Dissolute Image is online [| here].


Aims in Trim 3:

  • Learn how to use a database
* to store pixel data
* to keep track of 'adopted' & 'available' pixels
* to assignin pixels to users
* to remove pixels from the image if deleted remotely by their hosts

Project aims developed in Trim 2:

  • Highlight the precarity of remotely hosted data & the relevance of physical location/ server ownership
  • Question the logic of censorship by deconstructing the image to the level of pixel
  • Encourage reflection on the role, responsibilities and power of the 'host'
  • Learn about the usage and possibilities of command-line tools for image deconstruction & composition
  • Learn how to use Python for scraping & collection of dispersed online data

Proposal for Trimester 2.1: Consent

While realizing a working version of The Dissolute Image I developed a proposal for further research in Trimester 1 of year 2. This proposal attempts to resolve some of the theoretical problems with the Dissolute Image, namely:

  • Aggregation by a single centre
  • Curation/ choice of content by a single person
  • Wide online availability of content only banned on certain platforms

Proposal: A publishing project expanding the logic of The Dissolute Image to a whole publication, with each item submitted requiring adoption by other/s in order to appear in the final publication. This project will unite my research thus far at PZI - on hosting, physical media and solidarity - to previous recurring concerns with democracy and consent. Notes and rationale are here



Installation views of The Dissolute Image at Creative Now! at WORM, 30 June 2012:
DissoluteImageInstallationView1.jpg DissoluteImageInstallationView2.jpg
Playback of the pixels adopted during Creative Now! at WORM, 30 June 2012:



A number of short texts continuing previous research on the notion of autonomous authorship. Expanded during conversations at LiWoLi festival, as described in texts above, to a broader concern with how autonomous personhood is constructed.

Additional Information

My working journal for Trim 3 is here