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Documented in my trimester 3 working journal.

Present Head-space Statement (end Trim 3)

This trimester I have continued to explore the conflicts surrounding the issue of 'hosting' which I begun researching in Trimester 2. During the Factory Reset project I have come to understand hosting as a form of production, ie of publishing, which raises the question of whether hosting something is the same as endorsing it. This shifted my focus from the need for physical storage media to the more social question of how far solidarity extends when it comes to defending online free speech.

I have realized the project 'Dissolute Image', a prototype for which was shown at the end of Trimester 2, which invites people to consider whether they would be willing to counteract censorship by hosting part of a document that they haven't seen, or may disagree with. This project will be shown at WORM.

While realizing this project I have been trying to resolve some of the conceptual problems it raises, which were discussed in the assessment at the end of Trimester 2. The main conceptual problem raised is that, because (for technical practicality) the Dissolute Image is hosted on Pzwart3 and chosen by me, it avoids the question of where my own limits lie in terms of what images I would use in such a project (unlike the genuinely decentralized anti-censorship projects such as Freenet which inspired it).

As one possible resolution for this issue, I have sketched out a proposal for a publishing project to be realized over the next year. Inspired by the Factory Reset project, this project is a tool or factory for democratic content moderation, which continues the logic of the Dissolute Image but in which the content is neither provided nor moderated by me as a facilitator. This problem of moderation/curation has been a recurrant conceptual struggle in facilitating Radical X, a platform I created for facilitating public projects in the past and would like to return to. The political dilemma of the curator's role within an ideologically non-hierarhical framework has always dogged this platform, and this publishing project is an attempt to take steps towards something more genuinely democratic which separates form (designed by the artist) from content (censored/moderated only by its participants).

Dissolute Image

Continuing work from last trimester on distributed pixels making up a single image.


Proposal for a publishing project, Summer > Winter 2012.


  • Advertise for submissions on the theme of 'consent', encouraging content which has been censored elsewhere.
  • Assemble all submitted items into a web/print layout.
  • All items will be replaced by grey placeholders, with minimal metadata (given by sumbittor), and a link to adopt that item
  • When adopted, the item will be embedded from wherever it's being hosted, appearing in the layout.
  • When the project cut-off date is reached, the current layout will be printed.