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From wikipedia "Rhodes must fall" : The High Street facade of Oriel College, Oxford, UK, with the Cecil Rhodes Statue magnified. This statue has been the focus of the Rhodes Must Fall movement in Oxford to date.

Digging deeper aim's to encourage an active discussion about the role of the symbol in our cities and living spaces.

πŸ•³ Proposal for the statue of Cecil Rhodes on the Oxford council building

A proposal from Louisa:--D , Jacopo and πŸ—‚FloorπŸ“”

1: Information

Trespassers can dig into the history of Cecil Rhodes at Digging Deeper

2: Discussion

Trespassers can discuss on the forum at [Digging Deeper]

πŸ•³ Our proposal

The statue should be rather altered than removed or stayed as it is. Altering the statue would get the attention of people and once we've gotten their interest we provide information on his history. We would like to link to a platform where there is the information, because it's too big to inform people on the spot itself. A link, qr code or whatsoever brings you to a page (wikipedia like) and has a forum/discussion page where everyone can contribute to this topic.

πŸ’Ž Our working process πŸ’Ž

We agreed really quickly that the statue shouldn't be removed or stayed as it is. We preferred altering it because it would be better to start a discussion about it and give the space more meaning by providing information than removing it which would end the history.

We looked into the history of Cecil Rhodes on [wikipedia] and quickly found out that this page was tldr.

We got attracted by the business he had in diamonds 'cause it gave us visual ideas. The mining industry, shiny objects 'not everything that glitters is gold' came in mind. A digged hole as a metaphor for what he did. He made things worse so he should fall into his own grave. An optical illusion with a tilted Cecil would suggest he's falling.

Then we went on by thinking about the diamonds. "Maybe some diamonds in the hole?" But it would focus way too much about one aspect of his history. We decided that trespassers on site should make their own opinion about him but we would like to provide information so they can form one. We also would really like to have people get into discussion with each other so a platform where that's possible is our other focus.