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XPUB1: ONLINE 11:00 - 18:00 workshop day 2 of 3- Collaboration, Conflict & Consent with Eleanor Greenhalgh [tbc]. This will involve Jitsi meetings & lectures plus plenty of time away from screen for students to work on assignments developing prototypes/collaborations & individual tutorials if needed.

Please join online with your own machine if possible. Joining details to follow.


  • Eleanor Greenhalgh ( is an artist, facilitator & mental health worker with a special interest non-hierarchical social systems and their discontents. This workshop addresses the complex questions of authorship and democratic legitimacy which image-makers/publishers today must navigate. We will spend three days exploring:
    • formation of the year group
    • experiences of conflict & collaboration
    • opening up ears and mind to each other
    • psychological theories of conflict & how to resolve it
    • controversies in relation to authorship/hosting/moderation
    • design of systems for collaboration