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==br(eaking the wi)ki==

== SI21 TTY=

Release 1 | April 24, 2023. The Briki.

This release was possible thanks to: Andrea di Serego Alighieri and Martino Morandi, SI21 guest editor. Written, edited and performed by XPUB1 and people inside the WdKA.

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Video compilation. XPUB1 meets TTY:


Audio recoding of Kamau Brathwaite, Barbadian poet:


(part of) The publication

Release 10 | May 15, 2023. Encoding Converter.

This release was possible thanks to: Roel Roscam Abbing and Martino Morandi, SI21 guest editor.

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	var d = {
    'here there was a dictionary'
e = {
    ' ': ' ',
	'here there was a dictionary'
	function convert(){
		var charles = document.getElementById("input").value;
		var charlesBinary="";
		var charlesHex="";
		var charlesDec="";
		var charlesCY="";
		var charlesE="";
		for (var i=0;i<charles.length;i++){
			if (d[charles[i]]==null){
			if (e[charles[i]]==null){
		var tr=document.createElement("tr");

Release 11 | We need to talk


Release 100 | Rabab (pale cloud)

Cloudstorming - a pad that stores what Aglaia, Irmak and Boyana discussed over WhatsApp about the cloud, software, software acting as hardware, servers and services and a lot more.

After spending a few weeks working on the idea, getting lost and finding ourselves again, taking turns and going to new places, we decided to make a tiny publication. The zine, meant to be held in hands, contains abstract(ion)s of images, notes, writings and fingerprints left by Femke, Martino, and xpub1 on a 4 sq.m paper in mid-May 2023 during class. Following instructions we (Aglaia, Irmak and Boyana) wrote for ourselves and enforced them voluntarily upon us, we used the teletype machine to create new images out of everyone's input. We embraced the TTY's all (noisy) possibilities and (unexpected) limitations like interface, speed, character set, and paper, and turned the machine into a medium, our means of abstraction.

In software engineering and computer science, abstraction is often described as:

the process of removing or generalizing physical, spatial, or temporal details or attributes in the study of objects or systems to focus attention on details of greater importance;
it is similar in nature to the process of generalization;
the creation of abstract concept-objects by mirroring common features or attributes of various non-abstract objects or systems of study – the result of the process of abstraction. (Wikipedia)

In that sense, we approached everyone's input (the big roll of paper) as a data source, and through a set of specific actions, performed by the three of us on the teletype, we abstracted details (fractions) of the plot to focus the attention while leaving space for contingency and open interpretation.

Rabab (meaning "pale cloud" in Arabic), named after a real person, is a sub-release of Special Issue 21 and it was made possible thanks to Femke Snelting, Martino Morandi, and xpub1. Edition: 40 copies. Year: 2023.

Source (ot The Plot):



Release 101 | Phantom Operator

Release 110 | Impro Memory

Release 111 | LaaS

Release 1000 | Further Briking

Rapid Prototypes Directory

  • collective rapid prototypes directory
  • individual prototypes:
    • It doesn't have to be just to exist (forced memory box)
    • Breakfast Memoir
    • Book of Suggestions
    • Opus Reticulatum
    • An experiment to determine if colour symbolism is becoming more or less homogenous over time.
    • Fundamentals of the Entanglement of Tender Mass(FETM)