22nd of march - past current and future

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Last work: [Please write intro: (see TheTemplate) Lake Swan

It is a short dance film about the reversal of the scene of the swan´s death in famous ballet The Swan Lake. It is a modern take on the piece, questioning reversing death. It has three visual layers to underline what is happening. It is danced by Lív Smáradóttir Frodell. Music by Hector Miles and Directed by Sigrun

The dancing is reversed in the piece, so it is about the undying of the Swan. At one point the dancing goes from being in reverse to playing normally. By the end it starts to loop more frequently and it ends in a flying loop, like the swan is flying into infinity. I use three visual layers to underline what is going on, which are projection, filmed dance and the editing/effects. The Music is original and edited to the piece.

This piece was done as a part of a the Eye project in cooperation with UVA. The theme of our evening was Happiness. By reversing death, I was exploring the opposite emotions and gestures of them.

Your importants: Reversing death was an interesting theme to work with. To work with a famous classical theme of the Swan Lake. To project onto body, to reflect on to what is happening - makes beautiful visuals. Editing is a powerful tool that can be used to create a stronger understanding / exaggerate a ______ Aesthetics are important to me in this piece. Although death is horrifying it is also a part of life and is beautiful --- and definetly the reversal of it should be beautiful.

1.How do you find a relationship between swan-lake and happiness? 2. Although death is horrifying it is also a part of life and is beautiful --- and definitely the reversal of it should be beautiful. (why?...do you mean like coming back from dead in the same body or as a different lifes in the concept of past, and future lifes?)

Relate to previous work: The use of projection - editing - the study of gestures- looping from vjing In my recent work the study of gestures has become important. Especially female gestures and femininity. ( Why do you want to focus on female gestures of feminity?)

It somehow links to the photobook project.

3. Do you mean there is a connection between the female feminity gestures in Lake Swam and your photobook as the femenine ancestral line of your family? That is what you are exploring unconciosully as an artist?

Although using acquired skills it really made me test new ones. I have used projections in my work before but only in Installations and events.

4. Could you describe the use of projections and installations before? 5. Do you find connections between that work and your current work?

Relation to a larger context. It deals with a very well known Dance piece, probably the most popular one in the world. It was made for Anna Pavlova, famous Russian ballet dancer and first danced by her. Through my research I found by far she danced it the best of all of them. - as it has been danced so often, I did not want to imitate by taking the most important gestures and reinterpreted them in reverse, in my own way, and by modernising them. The common theme of death and happiness, something everybody deals with.

Specific Text or Media:

Youtube videos of Anna Pavlova dancing the Death of the Swan. “Too little too late” music by Hector Miles, written for the short film. Fairy lights Pintrest ____ Gif of people passing light.

Current work:

Visuals for the Overview Effect, by Roger Goula.

[S I have cut the what, why how headings]

A series of abstract visuals for concert series for the album The Overview Effect by Roger Goula. It has been worked in collaboration with Ryan where we filmed several visual experimentations. Two performances have been lined up in Hamburg and Dredsden (?). Roger is signed up to One Little Indian, a known “underground” label.

We filmed acrylic pigment, milk and other substances dripping into a fishtank full of water, to create colourful abstract imagery. We also used the fish tank to film glitter and other things. We handmade puppets that looked something between a fishing fly and corals, and filmed them hanging and twisting and moving in wind. All of this came together to form 5 tracks of visuals.

Because of the nature of the project, and the brief being abstract and beautiful visuals, we used the opportunity to form visual experiments, that we both had always wanted to try out. We were very inspired by the Trumbell, his work as a pioneer in old school visual effects. His famous method of cloud tank. Also inspired by Floris Schönfeld, at the Rietweld institute and “björk video dude”, we set out to do our own experiments.

Similar to earlier projects: The use of colour, light and darkness, was similar to the Lake Swan and also other work I have done. I seem to often use saturated colors in my work. The use of gestures, although the dancer was live and directed, the colors in the water also make gestures and dance. Asthetics - Is something I seem to use a lot in my work. Both screened in dark room (concert and cinema) Both to music

Difference: The visuals have no story line compared to Lake Swan Human dancer vs. pure material pleasures. Longer and abstract This work is done for somebody else,

6. Who is somebody else?

Who can help Barend, Simon, Ryan

[what are their particular skills?]

Provisional Timetable The first performance is this saturday, so we are laying final touches to it. If we do visuals for the tour of his album, we will need to make visuals for the rest of his tracks. This took about a month, and I think it would take the same to finish it. 1 week inspiration and research, 1 week filming, 1 week editing, 1 week render and fixing .

Where it can lead: I´´ hoping this could lead to more paid work in this field. I really enjoy making visuals. Hopefully Roger will get his tour and have a budget to do visuals for his whole album. His record label, One little Indian, has of long been of interest for me, and some of my favorite bands are signed or have been signed to them. Hopefully we will be seen by them and perhaps get more work from them. The downfalls of this business, is that it is usually very time consuming and severely underpaid. Which is the reason I stopped doing this.

Also the experimentation, could lead to using those methods in future projects

7. Why the light in darkness is very important in your work?